Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Young Self

#DearYoungSelf is trending on Twitter today.

From "#DearYoungSelf, die." to "#DearYoungSelf, Don't bother with Engineering." - people tweeted everything they regretted doing or not doing. And people cracked jokes: "#DearYoungSelf, please buy 100 kgs of onions and store it safely somewhere." to "#DearYoungSelf, create a website where everyone can network. It will work. Trust me." 

I was thinking about what could I write. So many things came to me - don't come back from England topping the list, of course. But others, like "#DearYoungSelf, don't give that tailor that lovely dress. She'll screw it up." or "#DearYoungSelf, don't worry about those two extra pounds. You will regret not taking back that experience with you." But what did I finally tweet? "#DearYoungSelf, don't change."

I used to be very happy. I used to be excited about things. Then, I was confused. Then, I was unhappy. And then, I was confused some more. I was scared. I was depressed. Now, I am more confused than ever. So much so, that I don't even know whether to be happy or unhappy. But, I know one thing. I shouldn't and no longer have place in my life for regrets. I don't wish to change anything. It's all okay. It's all a learning process. And a few years down the line, none of this will matter. It will seem silly that these little things seemed so big. All the things I believe(d) and do(did) make me what I am. Why would I want to do things differently just so that they could be perfect? No, I'd much rather just be me. And, like Kyra puts it, try to get back to the "happy post wali Star". :) I can't promise. But I can try. :)