Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Celestial Goddesses memories

This one's another post dedicated to us, The Celestial Goddesses: Sun, Moon and me, Star! (:P - it's my blog and I decide the names) Besides, they fit!! Sun brings, you know, sunshine and light to my and Moon's life; Moon is cool, calm, composed most of the time when Sun and I are, you know, spouting fire (:P); and well, I'm just a Star, only in the sense, you know, that I'm tiny and keep twinkling. *ahem ahem* Really.
Look look, you two!! Isn't this awesome for us?!! :D I got this picture from a tattoo parlour brochure and I swear, if I ever get a tattoo, this is the one I'll get! ::eyes shining, sings lalalala and draws hearts and music notes::

Anyhooo, this post is supposed to be about our memories!! As everyone on this planet knows, (well, people who know us are what constitute our planet, right?) the time we spent together has been the best time of my life ever! The most cherished of our times together though would be our sleep-overs at each other's. We would mostly watch some or the other films or Sex and the City episodes (we are EXACTLY like the SATC foursome except that we are a threesome. Hmmm, that sounds *SO* wrong. Imagine how many hits it'd get on google search! I'm going to leave it like that! Ha! :P) And, we would talk about boys. Of course. That was our favourite thing to do. Watch films only so that we can drool over sexy boys in the film. Rewind and replay parts where they look extra-hot. And then, crib about how unfair life is and how some women just have it all while others, like us, have to make do with ordinary boys. Hmph. Well anyway, we enjoyed the Sex and the City episodes a lot!
I remember this one time when we were watching the episode where Carrie was dating the politician guy. There was a lot of "action" going on on the screen and both Sun and Moon decided to oblige me by explaining what's going on (you know, because I'm tiny and all, they thought I didn't know what's a bj) Meuh! Turns out they were wrong and I DID know (ahem, ahem!! :P) but I didn't bother to correct them because I thought it was hilarious! :P The scary part is that just when all the "explaining" was happening, my mum decided to poke her head in my room and see what we are up to! She never mentioned it but I think that was the day my mum suffered from a minor stroke! But I'm glad that she did that because it was after that day that she kept expecting to find alcohol bottles and cigarette packets in my possession. Obviously she didn't find any (because I don't smoke and don't drink at home.) But, I came off as looking as the "good daughter" instead of being the "bad daughter" she always accused me of being because I didn't get distinction in my results. Sigh, expectations! How drastically can they change your perspectives! ;)

And then, there was the time when we all went to Sun's country house, which, by the way, is also THE MOST beautiful place in the world!! No, really!! By popular votes! ALL three of us think so! Well anyway, we used to take long walks in the mountains and sit on the cliffs watching the tiny lights slowly come on below us in the valley as the sun starts setting. And we celebrated [an alcohol-less :(] New Year's over a lovely campfire singing songs! No loud music, no clubs, no fireworks but definitely the BEST New Year's ever! :D And there are other, smaller but equally sweet memories, like, meeting each other for a coffee, a hug and a10-15 minute chat before the first lecture of the day, making chocolates for the first time in our lives (yes yes, they were edible!! :P), arguing over our birthday lunch venues (hehe, of course I won!! :P There was no meat eating that day!! :P), deciding who slept where after *VERY* careful evaluation of the situation (:P), wrapping each other's gifts because it makes us happy, bra-shopping and the resulting frustration (:P), having goti-soda (yes, in Mumbai!!! ::sniff:: I miss Mumbai!), going shopping at Flora Fountain and Colaba Causeway, dressing up together and pinning up each others' dresses, borrowing each others' clothes and jewellery, bitching about Pearl......there are just *SO* many! Oh, and watching films and talking about boys! Did I mention that already? Oh well, it's not enough!! :P

One of the other great nights we've had is on Moon's birthday, which, incidentally was also the last time we spent a night together (I just did it again!!! :P) before we moved out to different time zones. There was much dancing and nautanki that day. Well, there always is. But, it was like we knew we wouldn't be able to do this for a VERY long time again. So, we poured out ALL that we had in that moment! During the party, Sun and Moon did a spoof of Hindi film fight sequences for all us lesser beings with everything from Matrix to "Yanna Rascala" to Bhangra dance steps thrown in!! They even did two takes for the camera! And then, we had a full night just to ourselves! We watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for a change because even though we are SATC, our emotions at the moment were very F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And, of course, we talked about hot men and how life is so unfair! See that??!! He's all three of our's collective fantasy boy! :P Ohmygod!! Some men are just made for pure TORTURE!!! ::battles the knot in her stomach, the dryness in her mouth and her light-headedness::

And then, there was some crying. Come on, there would be no "us" any more!! I mean, there is, but it'd never be the same with the three of us in 3 different continents, isn't it? It's like the end of an era! We have actually come much closer now. Especially, because we know that there will never be anything like us any where else, ever again! But it doesn't take away anything from that moment of bitter-sweet joy, where we were mind-numbingly happy but at the same time, infinitely sad knowing that it's going to end soon.

Sigh those were the days! Celestial Goddesses are now like poles. Half a year of Sun, half a year of Moon. ::sniff sniff:: But the Celestial Goddesses will resurface and then, there'll be more stories and more gossip! Until then, stay tuned for more rants and laments and nostalgia and drool factors! ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Defence of English Literature

This post is dedicated to all those people who love English literature, have studied it in the past, are studying it currently and/ or have anything even remotely to do with it. And, it is directed towards all those people who think or have thought studying English Literature to be an easy option or a waste of time.

*RANT ALERT* Don't generalise. Don't judge. Don't compare our field of study with yours. Maybe you think what we study is useless but that is because you lack imagination. There are several reasons why we study this but the most important one is: it makes us happy. We love it. What we do with our lives and careers is none of your buisness. You don't have any rights to judge us. In fact, at least we have the courage to pursue what we love doing. But, most of you on the other hand, are stuck in dead-end jobs that you hate but stay in only because it pays a bit better. However, if you are working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, what are you going to do with all that money anyway? But you won't quit. You know why? Because you don't have the balls to do that.

You argue that most of us don't even know what we are going to do later. Right. So, you mean, you knew? If you say yes, I will honestly beat you up! For lying. Possibly with the book that I would be reading at the moment. Or, more hopefully, with the hardbound copy of my very own book! ::forgets the ranting and looks dreamily into the space:: Oooh, must get back to ranting. Uhhh, where was I? Yea, so, basically, English Literature is great. Okay? Stop irritating me with those looks and questions and sympathetic or bemused expressions. Okay? Right, now that we have that straightened out, ::goes back to day-dreaming::

Monday, July 26, 2010

The one with the eye-candy!! *mmmmmmm*

Like you all know, I keep randomly surfing the net for any kind of distraction which will help me officially gain the title of the Queen of Procrastination. Today was the day of random Bollywood music on Youtube. (Ok, I admit, today was ONCE AGAIN the day of random Bollywood music on Youtube!) And, guess what I came across...."the hottie" of Bollywood, Hrritiiiiiiiiiiiik Roshaaaaaaan!!! 

Can you even BELIEVE that body he has?!! I remember this film was my first movie date with CPV. (Aside: Now that I think of it, we had our first movie date quite late into the relationship - probably 2-3 months after we *officially* started dating. Oh well, not that any of it matters now.) And I remember not understanding more than half the film because of the heavy usage of hardcore urdu. But most of all, I remember Hritik Roshan's sword practising scene, then, looking at CPV's lanky frame and going: Oh, life is *SO* unfair!!!! Why, God why?? Why can't I have someone who has a body like that and who can swing a sword like that?!! Well, ok, not the sword bit. But at least the body bit!! I would never let him wear any shirt (or even pants, really! :P) and never let him go out of my sight! Sigh. *drool drool*

I know a lot of you must be thinking: I, who am such a feminist and would create a whole ruckus if such unabashed voyeurism was put up for men by women in slutty (yes, THEY are slutty, THIS is not, ok?) music videos, am actually enjoying and endorsing the same thing when it's turned around? Very convenient!

Here's my response to that: Meuh!! Whatcha gonna do?? Besides, have you SEEN him?!! He's so bloody delicious. Luscious. Appetizing. I mean, absolutely, mouth-wateringly, breath-takingly DELECTABLE, how can you NOT ogle at him? *drool drool* You know, like THAT body is MEANT to be objectified and ogled at!! It's like it's fulfilling it's life's purpose!! Ohmygod, ohmygod, quick, look at 3:00 minutes of the video!! ::swoons and faints:: Life is *SO* unfair!! Hmph.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The X-files

Ghosts from the past ALWAYS return. And they ALWAYS come at a time when you are least expecting them, catching you off-guard, causing that stupid pit in your stomach. Oh, and did I mention they totally suck? Hmph.

So, I was just making dinner today and since I haven't eaten proper, real South Indian dishes (read Mumbai style South Indian dishes) in ages, I decided I'll put the ready dosa packet I had to good use and make some onion uttappa. Good plan. One down, one more to go. Ooooh, it tastes *so* good!! The second one, straight from the gas. Oooh, I have some cheese in the fridge. Must eat Cheese Onion Uttappa!!! It's going to be PERFECT!!!

And it was. Until I sunk my teeth in the thick layer of cheese spread on the uttappa. It came out of nowhere, my memory of sitting outside the Bandra Elco Market, eating the best cheese dosa in the world with my ex (Lets call him CPV for the Commitment Phobic V, shall we?) And even though it was a long time ago, even though I am no longer in love with him, even though I've mostly managed to lock up all the memories in a trunk and buried the trunk somewhere I don't want to remember, it hit me and I went all numb. CPV was the most serious and the longest relationship I've ever had. Both of us have commitment issues (Yes, dear reader, I'm not exactly the model for any matrimony or dating website adverts. But think about it. If I call HIM commitment phobic, exactly how much commitment phobic must he be!) And so, we broke up since the relationship was not going anywhere. I'd put quotation marks in the previous sentence except that it'd give the impression that he was the one who said it when it was actually me.

Now, don't get me wrong. It was wonderful while it lasted. Of course, we had our rough patches. But, mostly, it was lovely. And I have more good memories, like this one, than the bad ones. But sustaining the relationship was being more of a burden than a natural thing and the break-up was in order. Anyway, it surprised me that that particular memory would take me back in time, make me feel sick and bring me back to present, all in the span of less than thirty seconds. He shouldn't be having this impact on me now. I've been missing him less and less in the last 6 months and feeling better and better about the whole break-up thing. And then, the most innocuous thing like cheese makes me realise how some things might never change. No, I don't love him any more. But, it'll probably take a lot more time to get used to ordinary things without him. Sigh, such is life, dearies!

An Ode to MY Morning Coffee

Disclaimer: The coffee fanatics amongst you would never agree what I drink can be called coffee. Hence the "MY" Morning Coffee. It's a personalised drink that only I drink almost every morning.

So, I've never been into early morning wake-up beverages. I blame it on my upbringing. My parents (like a lot of other people in India) believe that tea/ coffee is addictive and bad for your health and the only thing you should drink (twice a day if you are a good child) is a big glass full of milk. (Is it just me or did you also just remember the "Piyo glass full doodh" Amul doodh advert? *sings doodh doodh doodh*) Anyway, so, since I have been brought up to drink a glass full of milk early in the morning, I can't let go of that. But, milk is just so know, white and creamy and cow-y!!! (Yes, I know. Very profound of me!) You simply can't take it just like that. That is probably what explains the popularity of Bournvita. So, I very lovingly put one spoon of coffee and two (yes, two) spoons of sugar in my milk. Stir and put it in the microwave for a minute and a half. Et Voila! Lovely, milky sweet coffee is ready for me! If any of you coffee people made faces or judged me for that statement, go read the disclaimer.

Sigh. If MY morning coffee was a boy, I'd totally marry him. (You are right, I just took a sip of MY coffee.) So, that explains the picture, you know, I heart MY coffee. It doesn't help me wake up or doesn't put me in the alert mode every morning like coffee is supposed to do for everyone else. But, I love it! Besides, I have convinced myself I don't need coffee to wake me up. I'll do it myself. You know, will power and all. (I know, I'm laughing as well!! :P) Anyway, so, Good Morning world!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Singleton Laments

I spent my last weekend with 3 couples and one other single guy at a friend's boyfriend's party house. Now, before everyone jumps to conclusions, I must say, it wasn't a set-up though it sure did look like one. Needless to say, I'm not a big fan of set-ups or even set-up look-alikes! Though, what I am a big fan of, is chick lit and chick flicks. At several levels, I am quite the Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones who has already met Gurinder Chadda's Gujju version. Ok, no, I exaggerate. I am none of the above because all of them had jobs that not just paid their bills but also bought them MANY pairs of Manolos. 

But I digress. So, anyway, between the party nausea and my love for chick lit, here I am, writing this blog-post instead of reading the postcolonial theories (yep yep, pun intended) that I should be reading for my dissertation. So, can anyone tell me what is the deal with these smugly-coupled sort of people? (RANT ALERT, RANT ALERT!!) I mean, they are fine when you know them and then, boom! One day they find someone and they jump the ships and act like they have always been sailing in that other ship and are professionals at it now! Why do they forget that a third person is hanging out with them while they are doing their couple thing everywhere from a supermarket to a bedroom? How do they forget that they won’t die if they keep their hands off each other for a few hours? More importantly, forget the other guy but, why does your single-until-3 months-ago friend forget that? Why does she forget that she was the one who didn't like public displays of affection until 3 months ago? At the very least, how come it's so easy for them to forget that they had other friends with whom they used to share everything, even something as small (or maybe as magnificient) as the smell of flowers announcing the arrival of spring while walking through the garden? How do they so easily justify their friend's behaviour as jealousy and unfairness and their own behaviour as just a change in the situations? How do they forget that they have an individual identity (well, at least used to)? How do they forget that sometimes, other people might want to talk to just one of them, not the whole package? And how do they even possibly assume that this someone else (of course it's me! I'm the one ranting, aren't I?) might be okay with talking to them only while their smugly coupled significant other has gone for a bathroom break? (Unless of course I gag him and lock him there for a few hours. I would if I didn't know that my friend would go looking for him as soon as 3 minutes are over.)

Alright, now that I've taken a deep breath. So, ok, these are not exactly my "singleton laments." I'm just raving at the loss of a close friend.. But what the hell, I did lose her to the sea of the smugly coupleds. And of course, I am always going to have the problem of how to adapt my super unromantic self to the increasing number of smugly coupleds around me! Even if and when I am one of them myself. Food for thought: Maybe going to Mars will help. 

Uncertainty and internet

I just came across this particular blog while randomly browsing the net:

The blog-header of this blog was so interesting, I immediately fell in love with it! It looks like this:

"Even uncertainty, in retrospect, has more magnanimity than the plain processed tin can of merde." This statement means so much in my life right now, when I am desperately looking for a job and am consistently being rejected or ignored by any and every place I apply to. I have no idea how will I be able to sustain myself post my degree completion and all I know is that I want to stay on, work, work like a maniac even do 4 jobs if the need be, manage my own finances, become independent and learn important life lessons. (Of course, all this won't happen if I keep browsing the net for random blog posts instead of working up a sweat looking for jobs and applying for them but then again, I wouldn't find such fine inspiration without it either!! :P) So, now I can continue (job hunt, not internet browsing) with new optimism towards the uncertainty in my life! Thank Lord for internet and awesome bloggers! ;) :P :D