Monday, July 26, 2010

The one with the eye-candy!! *mmmmmmm*

Like you all know, I keep randomly surfing the net for any kind of distraction which will help me officially gain the title of the Queen of Procrastination. Today was the day of random Bollywood music on Youtube. (Ok, I admit, today was ONCE AGAIN the day of random Bollywood music on Youtube!) And, guess what I came across...."the hottie" of Bollywood, Hrritiiiiiiiiiiiik Roshaaaaaaan!!! 

Can you even BELIEVE that body he has?!! I remember this film was my first movie date with CPV. (Aside: Now that I think of it, we had our first movie date quite late into the relationship - probably 2-3 months after we *officially* started dating. Oh well, not that any of it matters now.) And I remember not understanding more than half the film because of the heavy usage of hardcore urdu. But most of all, I remember Hritik Roshan's sword practising scene, then, looking at CPV's lanky frame and going: Oh, life is *SO* unfair!!!! Why, God why?? Why can't I have someone who has a body like that and who can swing a sword like that?!! Well, ok, not the sword bit. But at least the body bit!! I would never let him wear any shirt (or even pants, really! :P) and never let him go out of my sight! Sigh. *drool drool*

I know a lot of you must be thinking: I, who am such a feminist and would create a whole ruckus if such unabashed voyeurism was put up for men by women in slutty (yes, THEY are slutty, THIS is not, ok?) music videos, am actually enjoying and endorsing the same thing when it's turned around? Very convenient!

Here's my response to that: Meuh!! Whatcha gonna do?? Besides, have you SEEN him?!! He's so bloody delicious. Luscious. Appetizing. I mean, absolutely, mouth-wateringly, breath-takingly DELECTABLE, how can you NOT ogle at him? *drool drool* You know, like THAT body is MEANT to be objectified and ogled at!! It's like it's fulfilling it's life's purpose!! Ohmygod, ohmygod, quick, look at 3:00 minutes of the video!! ::swoons and faints:: Life is *SO* unfair!! Hmph.


  1. I completely understand, sweetheart! I was drooling over Hrithik as Akbar as well. Though, I don't deny that the sword-practice scene had its own charms, I was more taken in by the soft-side of the character and Hrithik's regal bearing. So perfect!

  2. Haha Suchu, in that case, you were drooling over him for the right reasons! :P I, on the other hand, have hardly, if ever, drooled over a man for the right reasons!! :P