Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Ode to MY Morning Coffee

Disclaimer: The coffee fanatics amongst you would never agree what I drink can be called coffee. Hence the "MY" Morning Coffee. It's a personalised drink that only I drink almost every morning.

So, I've never been into early morning wake-up beverages. I blame it on my upbringing. My parents (like a lot of other people in India) believe that tea/ coffee is addictive and bad for your health and the only thing you should drink (twice a day if you are a good child) is a big glass full of milk. (Is it just me or did you also just remember the "Piyo glass full doodh" Amul doodh advert? *sings doodh doodh doodh*) Anyway, so, since I have been brought up to drink a glass full of milk early in the morning, I can't let go of that. But, milk is just so know, white and creamy and cow-y!!! (Yes, I know. Very profound of me!) You simply can't take it just like that. That is probably what explains the popularity of Bournvita. So, I very lovingly put one spoon of coffee and two (yes, two) spoons of sugar in my milk. Stir and put it in the microwave for a minute and a half. Et Voila! Lovely, milky sweet coffee is ready for me! If any of you coffee people made faces or judged me for that statement, go read the disclaimer.

Sigh. If MY morning coffee was a boy, I'd totally marry him. (You are right, I just took a sip of MY coffee.) So, that explains the picture, you know, I heart MY coffee. It doesn't help me wake up or doesn't put me in the alert mode every morning like coffee is supposed to do for everyone else. But, I love it! Besides, I have convinced myself I don't need coffee to wake me up. I'll do it myself. You know, will power and all. (I know, I'm laughing as well!! :P) Anyway, so, Good Morning world!

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  1. To each his/ her own......As long as its coffee!!!! One of the best things on earth!!!!