Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Big News

Subtitled: Twenty-fucking-three

So, I turned twenty-three yesterday. (And no, that's not the big news.) I know most of you who read this blog will hate me for being so young and then, for cribbing about growing old. But dude, honestly. I feel so old. :/Like, it was all okay until I was 22. But 23 is a big deal. Scary.

Eh. Anyway. I had a lovely day yesterday! :) Involving flowers and chocolates, tea and cupcakes, shopping and jewellery, cheese dosa, kamrakh (star-fruit; my favourite!), lots of books and lovely cards! :) And crazy surprises from two of my cousins. So much fun. I wish I could have birthdays without having to grow old. *sigh*

So, big news. :D 2012 has started off with a loud bang for me. I've not felt happier than I am right now in a bloody long time. Remember my 30 before 30 list? Well, I have been scratching things off that list for some time now. Also, daresay, some things on the list itself have changed and I might have to edit it or make a whole new list. But for now, I have news about having scratched an important thing off it. Something that I didn't think was possible until I turned 28-29. Or 30 even.
27. Teach at Xavier's. Even if it is only as a visiting faculty or filling in for someone.
Chhaya Mam (my favourite prof from our college) called me a few days ago and asked me if I can cover for her for the next 2 months, teaching her First Year and Third Year students Literature as she has to urgently go on a medical leave. Luckily for me, I had only one batch of students that I teach in the evening going on at the moment. So, I could take up that opportunity and I started immediately. :) The best part is that I'm teaching Modern Drama and Film - my favourite subjects from college! Mam remembered that and decided it'll be best if I covered that. I feel *so* lucky!

I remember entering Xavier's for the first time and being totally awed by the first quad(rangle) and the chapel. Here, I have felt a sense of belongingness I've never felt elsewhere - not in school, not in Leeds and not at any of the places I've worked. And last week, when I entered college as a teacher for the first time, I felt the same sense of wonder and pride. I love my college. :) It's so true, Xavier's gave me my roots and my wings. (Ref: Xavier's anthem: Xavier's, you gave me roots and wings...) So, I could take flight, go abroad, learn a lot of things. But it also gave me the roots which have always made me want to come back here. I hope I can do full justice to my role as a teacher.

Wish me luck! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stuff geniuses* are made of

(*Where you decide what/ who genius stands for. :P)

So, it seems that even though I have A LOT of things to say, I might not yet be ready to blog again.

Therefore, all I will tell you is that I've had a lot of time on my hands in the last few months and one of the things I've done in that lot of time is cook. A lot. (This is where you feel jealous of me/ not being able to live with me.)
Chocolate Overdose: Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles and Cadbury Dairy Milk shots. - For Hoppy's B'day
Vegetable Thai Green Curry with steam rice - One of the tastiest and healthiest dishes ever! :D
Pear and Caramel cake
Jalebi...errr...Jaleba bhai

Creamy White Sauce Pasta - was *so* good!
Achaari Bhindi (Tangy Okra) - So crisp, it felt like a healthier version of chips! :D
Samosas with sweet Date chutney

Wheat Samosas - basically, a healthier version of regular samosas :D

Amla Khichdi - recipe from Food Food's Health Maange More show - if you like khichdi, you'll like this. :)
Freshly baked Cheese Garlic Bread - So droolworthy! The BEST of all these dishes. 
Ginger-Carrot cupcake - Was lovely and moist! :)
Ricotta-Mushroom Risotto
Strawberry Cake with Fresh Cream Icing 

Orange Cake with Fresh Cream and Kiwi icing - For Moon's very, long overdue b'day cake! 
Fresh chocolate chip cookies for a Christmas gift
There are many more dishes (like one Mexican rice which was so easy and delicious, I suggest you go and find a recipe right now!) that I made but didn't click pictures of/ can't find pictures now. But I think these were enough to prove a point. ;)

Okay, you may now beg me to invite you over for food. OR, if you live in Mumbai and won't interfere with my cooking, (and preferably buy me all the ingredients and pay me to cook) you may also invite me over to use your kitchen from time to time. :P