Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Defence of English Literature

This post is dedicated to all those people who love English literature, have studied it in the past, are studying it currently and/ or have anything even remotely to do with it. And, it is directed towards all those people who think or have thought studying English Literature to be an easy option or a waste of time.

*RANT ALERT* Don't generalise. Don't judge. Don't compare our field of study with yours. Maybe you think what we study is useless but that is because you lack imagination. There are several reasons why we study this but the most important one is: it makes us happy. We love it. What we do with our lives and careers is none of your buisness. You don't have any rights to judge us. In fact, at least we have the courage to pursue what we love doing. But, most of you on the other hand, are stuck in dead-end jobs that you hate but stay in only because it pays a bit better. However, if you are working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, what are you going to do with all that money anyway? But you won't quit. You know why? Because you don't have the balls to do that.

You argue that most of us don't even know what we are going to do later. Right. So, you mean, you knew? If you say yes, I will honestly beat you up! For lying. Possibly with the book that I would be reading at the moment. Or, more hopefully, with the hardbound copy of my very own book! ::forgets the ranting and looks dreamily into the space:: Oooh, must get back to ranting. Uhhh, where was I? Yea, so, basically, English Literature is great. Okay? Stop irritating me with those looks and questions and sympathetic or bemused expressions. Okay? Right, now that we have that straightened out, ::goes back to day-dreaming::

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  1. =D

    Actually, it's sheer ignorance. They deserve to be pitied.

    I'm in a very vengeful mood. I've had far too many conversations with people who think what we do is a "joke".