Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Uncertainty and internet

I just came across this particular blog while randomly browsing the net:

The blog-header of this blog was so interesting, I immediately fell in love with it! It looks like this:

"Even uncertainty, in retrospect, has more magnanimity than the plain processed tin can of merde." This statement means so much in my life right now, when I am desperately looking for a job and am consistently being rejected or ignored by any and every place I apply to. I have no idea how will I be able to sustain myself post my degree completion and all I know is that I want to stay on, work, work like a maniac even do 4 jobs if the need be, manage my own finances, become independent and learn important life lessons. (Of course, all this won't happen if I keep browsing the net for random blog posts instead of working up a sweat looking for jobs and applying for them but then again, I wouldn't find such fine inspiration without it either!! :P) So, now I can continue (job hunt, not internet browsing) with new optimism towards the uncertainty in my life! Thank Lord for internet and awesome bloggers! ;) :P :D 

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