Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Celestial Goddesses memories

This one's another post dedicated to us, The Celestial Goddesses: Sun, Moon and me, Star! (:P - it's my blog and I decide the names) Besides, they fit!! Sun brings, you know, sunshine and light to my and Moon's life; Moon is cool, calm, composed most of the time when Sun and I are, you know, spouting fire (:P); and well, I'm just a Star, only in the sense, you know, that I'm tiny and keep twinkling. *ahem ahem* Really.
Look look, you two!! Isn't this awesome for us?!! :D I got this picture from a tattoo parlour brochure and I swear, if I ever get a tattoo, this is the one I'll get! ::eyes shining, sings lalalala and draws hearts and music notes::

Anyhooo, this post is supposed to be about our memories!! As everyone on this planet knows, (well, people who know us are what constitute our planet, right?) the time we spent together has been the best time of my life ever! The most cherished of our times together though would be our sleep-overs at each other's. We would mostly watch some or the other films or Sex and the City episodes (we are EXACTLY like the SATC foursome except that we are a threesome. Hmmm, that sounds *SO* wrong. Imagine how many hits it'd get on google search! I'm going to leave it like that! Ha! :P) And, we would talk about boys. Of course. That was our favourite thing to do. Watch films only so that we can drool over sexy boys in the film. Rewind and replay parts where they look extra-hot. And then, crib about how unfair life is and how some women just have it all while others, like us, have to make do with ordinary boys. Hmph. Well anyway, we enjoyed the Sex and the City episodes a lot!
I remember this one time when we were watching the episode where Carrie was dating the politician guy. There was a lot of "action" going on on the screen and both Sun and Moon decided to oblige me by explaining what's going on (you know, because I'm tiny and all, they thought I didn't know what's a bj) Meuh! Turns out they were wrong and I DID know (ahem, ahem!! :P) but I didn't bother to correct them because I thought it was hilarious! :P The scary part is that just when all the "explaining" was happening, my mum decided to poke her head in my room and see what we are up to! She never mentioned it but I think that was the day my mum suffered from a minor stroke! But I'm glad that she did that because it was after that day that she kept expecting to find alcohol bottles and cigarette packets in my possession. Obviously she didn't find any (because I don't smoke and don't drink at home.) But, I came off as looking as the "good daughter" instead of being the "bad daughter" she always accused me of being because I didn't get distinction in my results. Sigh, expectations! How drastically can they change your perspectives! ;)

And then, there was the time when we all went to Sun's country house, which, by the way, is also THE MOST beautiful place in the world!! No, really!! By popular votes! ALL three of us think so! Well anyway, we used to take long walks in the mountains and sit on the cliffs watching the tiny lights slowly come on below us in the valley as the sun starts setting. And we celebrated [an alcohol-less :(] New Year's over a lovely campfire singing songs! No loud music, no clubs, no fireworks but definitely the BEST New Year's ever! :D And there are other, smaller but equally sweet memories, like, meeting each other for a coffee, a hug and a10-15 minute chat before the first lecture of the day, making chocolates for the first time in our lives (yes yes, they were edible!! :P), arguing over our birthday lunch venues (hehe, of course I won!! :P There was no meat eating that day!! :P), deciding who slept where after *VERY* careful evaluation of the situation (:P), wrapping each other's gifts because it makes us happy, bra-shopping and the resulting frustration (:P), having goti-soda (yes, in Mumbai!!! ::sniff:: I miss Mumbai!), going shopping at Flora Fountain and Colaba Causeway, dressing up together and pinning up each others' dresses, borrowing each others' clothes and jewellery, bitching about Pearl......there are just *SO* many! Oh, and watching films and talking about boys! Did I mention that already? Oh well, it's not enough!! :P

One of the other great nights we've had is on Moon's birthday, which, incidentally was also the last time we spent a night together (I just did it again!!! :P) before we moved out to different time zones. There was much dancing and nautanki that day. Well, there always is. But, it was like we knew we wouldn't be able to do this for a VERY long time again. So, we poured out ALL that we had in that moment! During the party, Sun and Moon did a spoof of Hindi film fight sequences for all us lesser beings with everything from Matrix to "Yanna Rascala" to Bhangra dance steps thrown in!! They even did two takes for the camera! And then, we had a full night just to ourselves! We watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for a change because even though we are SATC, our emotions at the moment were very F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And, of course, we talked about hot men and how life is so unfair! See that??!! He's all three of our's collective fantasy boy! :P Ohmygod!! Some men are just made for pure TORTURE!!! ::battles the knot in her stomach, the dryness in her mouth and her light-headedness::

And then, there was some crying. Come on, there would be no "us" any more!! I mean, there is, but it'd never be the same with the three of us in 3 different continents, isn't it? It's like the end of an era! We have actually come much closer now. Especially, because we know that there will never be anything like us any where else, ever again! But it doesn't take away anything from that moment of bitter-sweet joy, where we were mind-numbingly happy but at the same time, infinitely sad knowing that it's going to end soon.

Sigh those were the days! Celestial Goddesses are now like poles. Half a year of Sun, half a year of Moon. ::sniff sniff:: But the Celestial Goddesses will resurface and then, there'll be more stories and more gossip! Until then, stay tuned for more rants and laments and nostalgia and drool factors! ;)


  1. To the "US" we've created! To morning coffees, veg lunches and hakka noodle dinners. To always having a shoulder to cry on, an ear to be heard and arms when needing hugs. To farewells and reunions, books to discuss, to horse riding (throughout the nights). To friendship that saw a lot of good times and defeated a lot more bad ones!

  2. Well said jaan! To the friendship that saw a lot of good times and defeated a lot more bad ones! :D xxxxxxxxxxxx