Thursday, December 22, 2011

The best Christmas gift ever!

I read somewhere that a good memory is the best gift one can ever give/ get. And I totally believe in this.

So, imagine how happy I must have been when a couple of days ago, I went to my grand father's place and he brought out all the old files that my grand mother had saved up for different reasons. :D Most of them contained newspaper clippings of recipes, good thoughts, poetry and crochet designs. We even found the "Congratulations, Star!" celebratory note that my grandparents and uncle and aunt had written for me and got published in a local newspaper when I had passed my board exams and greeting cards made by Bik (my cousin) and me for her. And, then! Then, I found an old diary that she used to write in, in 1960!!! I was all over the place, dancing happily. :)
A half-made card made by Bik. Other assorted newspaper clippings. :)

Nanima's diary! :D *happyface*