Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obligatory annual V-day post

Come back, fellas! I'm not going to rant/ wax eloquent about Valentine's Day. I still think it's an excuse of a festival and totally unnecessary.

This year, though, 14th February is a special occasion. Because of this. Please read it before continuing reading here.

This is just one of my favourite posters made by Sanjay Sipahimalani for the Free Speech Day. Of course, as a big Rushdie fan, I'm totally for supporting this movement. Best part is that I talked to a few of my students about the #flashread and they're very enthusiastic about it as well. Unfortunately, we didn't get enough time to organise and do it today but we're definitely going to do it soon - like next week or so. :)

If it does materialize, I'll definitely put up pictures/ videos. Until then, support the Free Peach!

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