Monday, March 12, 2012

The "We should..." Syndrome

How many times have you all heard "We should blah, blah, blah..." and then ended up doing all those blahs yourself?

I am so tired of everyone constantly telling me "We should..." Next time someone says that, I'm going to get a dictionary and show them the REAL meaning of "we".

Recently, a cousin: We should do something special for (another cousin)'s b'day.
Sure. I planned her party, made her gift, got it printed AND paid for it all. Where was the "we" in it?

Worst part: since this is family, I "shouldn't say anything. Just be careful of such situations next time." My parents are the worst doormats ever outside our house. And inside, they teach me how to be the world's worst doormat.

This has happened so many times before, I'm tired of it. Thankfully, this time, at Sanskrit department, when my friends told me "We should plan something for Second Year students' farewell party.", I was on full alert mode. I didn't open my mouth and kept it shut until all the tasks had been assigned. Obviously, if I don't open my mouth, I can't look over-enthusiastic, making people think it's okay to pile me with work. So, now, I just have to write a play in Sanskrit and the others are taking care of food, songs, invitations etc.


Anyway, I'm smarter than I thought I was. I wrote a mime. :P

P.S: I realise it's the first time I'm writing about Sanskrit Bhavan or anything related to Sanskrit ever since I started learning it almost a year ago. Wow. Both Sanskrit and this blog need more attention from me!

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