Friday, February 18, 2011


I hate mine. FUCKING IDIOTS. That's what they are.

Actually, they are fucking holier-than-thou, prudish, look-at-me-I'm-suuuuuch-a-good-boy/girl, hypocritical, selfish idiots.


  1. HG, I hope that one is not in America and that you are safely far away from them for long periods of time!

    Kannan, It's been so long!!!!! How are you? Where have you been?

  2. Welcome to India where if you have been out to another country your cousins automatically are holier-than-thou though you may have led a much more prudish life there than them here (which is true in 90% of the cases....I dont need to tell you where you belong!)

  3. well.
    Its always better to keep the not-so-good image of oneself. You dont have to struggle to maintain the claim..

  4. Probably. But the fucking attitude is enough to drive me up the wall. Completely different matter that these days, even something as small as an ant is enough to drive me up the wall. (No, not literally. :P)

  5. Haha. Cousins. Sigh. How I miss them. This post just made me miss them even more..

  6. eB, Thanks for dropping by. I LOVED your blog!! :D And if I ever say that statement you just said, trust me, it'll be sarcastic. :P