Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She's here!

Where, she = Sun! :)

Sun is back in Bombay for a month. There is going to be much frolicking about for the next month using this as an excuse to do everything that we've always wanted to do! :D

She arrived on the 28th of November and obviously, Moon and I were there to receive her at the airport with flowers and welcome cards. Then, we spent the night at hers and the next morning, it was like the last two years didn't exist at all. Daddy, as usual, was screaming at us for random reasons and we were all 18 again, huddled up on a bed chatting with each other.

I do look forward to spending more times like this. Going shopping, watching the twilight movie to ogle at shirtless Jacob, going to Matheran for the New Year and celebrating around a bonfire, baking cakes, going clubbing - just some of the things to be done together. :)

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