Sunday, November 6, 2011


1. Still unemployed.

2. Still a student doing one of the most unemployable degrees in the world once again - MA in Sanskrit Lit.

3. Still the stupid girl who never learns from her previous mistakes.


  1. most importantly, still BLOGGING!!!

    yaay to that... n welcome back!

  2. u sound miserable. how abt a sitcom fe(a)st? dt always makes things betr fr me.

  3. Nefertiti: Thanks! :) It's only thanks to people like you and some others who kept asking me to come back that I am back. :)

    Pj: :( But the sitting idle and sitcom watching makes me feel even more useless and worthless. Wtf am I doing accumulating non-employable degrees? Only the 2 days that I go to the university are good. Rest of the days are a constant awareness of my worthlessness. :(

  4. welcome back!!

    No degrees are employable! its the person who gets employed !:P:P

    And when things go bad, meet the good old margarita - a stronger one in a shorter glass.. :D

  5. @ SB: Thanks! :) And thanks for the Margarita too. That day was awesome! :)

  6. Late comment so hopefully you're feeling better now. But if TV shows are not your thing, you must watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You'll feel better like that. *snaps fingers* Heh I accidentally wrote snapes fingers and was mildly amused by the thought of his hand repeatedly slapping the back of Ron's head.

  7. @ Parinita: Have yet to watch for Monty Python. But, on similar lines, The Big Bang Theory, FRIENDS and a LOT of Bollywood helped me. :P But, yes, I've been dying to get my hands on Monty Python since 2 years!