Monday, May 7, 2012


On Saturday, a cousin and I went to the Juhu beach and this is what we did:

1. Ate bhutta and chana masala.

2. Walked barefoot on the beach.

3. Looked at the airplanes until they disappeared in the sky.

4. Watched the sunset.

5. Watched the people.

6. Watched the clouds changing shapes and tried to figure out what they are. Some of the interesting ones we got were: a very fat crocodile trying to eat a rabbit, two camels sitting one behind the other, one dinosaurs, one witch, one ship, Pluto (the Disney dog), a hill, a rocking horse and two teddy bears, one of which looked a bit ferocious. 


  1. hehe... sounds so much fun! back to the good old days. I remember visiting Mumbai with my folks when I was six, and I was so scared to ride the camels on Juhu beach. you should have seen my face :)

  2. Dude. There used to be camels at Juhu beach? CLEARLY I haven't visited when I was younger. :( And now, we have to go all the way to Gujrat/ Rajasthan for camels.

    But yes, so much fun! And I'm sure just like we were watching other people, they were looking at us talking about witches in the sky and wondering what's wrong with us. :P

  3. oh.. i love these simple things. much better than spending the time in a mall, eating junk.

    well yes, people might me talking about you witches in the beach while you talk about witches in the sky!!

    and was there any kulfi joint at juhu with a photograph of a guy with a long mustache who does not laugh??

  4. :)

    No, we went to a different beach. So, no kulfi. But I did have malai gola. :D

  5. ok. go check out and then let me know on whether you'd like to write for the site.