Sunday, October 21, 2012

School Stories

It has been close to six months that I even opened my blogger account - whether to read other blogs I follow or to write a post of my own. That should be enough to give you all an idea of what School B has done to me. Anyway, however non-existent my personal and social life has become, the one thing that I LOVE about school are my kids! They are the reason I wake up and drag myself to school every morning. Because after all the hardwork, all the criticism from seniors, all the work piled on you because you are new, all the weekends spent in checking papers, when you enter the classroom and the children smile at you, you know in your heart that it was all worth it.

But you know it is all worth it even more when you have great classroom moments. Some of my hilarious ones:

Selective listening:
Me: During his early years as a poet, Frost got quite frustrated with the publishing industry in America and moved to England.
Student 1: But why, miss? He was married, no?!

Distraction techniques:
Student 2: Miss, if Robert Frost gave a hickey to his girlfriend, what would it be?
Me: I don't think that is relevant right now. Let's move on.
Student 2: Please, miss. It is really funny!
Me: So, in this poem, he...
Student 2: A Frost bite, miss!!

Silly jokes not meant for distraction but end up making the whole class laugh:
Me: Write a poem titled "Metaphors".
Students 3: Lets all Metaphor a drink. Geddit? *bobs head*

Make the teacher panic:
Student 4: Miss, don't you think K and I are the best couple ever?! Look at us!
Me: 1) Please stand at an arm's length from each other and 2) Lets have one cardinal rule in this classroom. No touching anyone. Whether appropriately or inappropriately. Are we all clear?
All the students: *burst out laughing*

Lastly, one non-hilarious but mushy moment for me: This Teacher's day, my ninth standard kids gave me a lovely card and some of the lines on it read: "What she lacks in size, she makes up for in energy./ We will never find a teacher who is so lively.." Made. My. Day. :D

Those have been my last few months. What about you all?


  1. whoa! awesome post, and welcome back!!! DO keep sharing more experiences. missed your posts...

  2. "What she lacks in size, she makes up for in energy."


  3. @ Nefertiti: Thanks! :) Right now, I better not share any "experiences" otherwise I will end up bitching about a LOT of things. :P But, whoa, sexy dress! *wolf whistles* How have you been?

    @ Orchestra: I know. :P I am shorter than the shortest of my students. :P

  4. "the one thing that I LOVE about school are my kids!"

    for a sec, i thought, WTF. alright. students. aah.

    and welcome back. :)

  5. @ SB: Really? You really thought I had kids and put them in school in the last four months that I havn't met/ talked to you? #headdesk

  6. That wouldn't be a miracle. That would be a freak accident.