Friday, September 17, 2010

Circle of life

Yesterday, I finished exactly a year of being in the UK and in Leeds. :) And I bid good-bye to one more friend: Grace. :(

I have probably said this before but Grace is delightfully honest and frank! She never means to say anything offensive or anything. She just says the first thing that comes to her mind on seeing or hearing anything. And more often than not, it comes out as something else altogether. And then, she gets all flustered and apologetic! It's so adorable! Heh. she also has THE COOLEST sense of fashion! She likes a lot of funky stuff and vintage things. And man, she can pull off some of the weirdest looking things ever with such grace and elan! She also has a lot of passion in her. So, if she likes something, she loves it with all her heart and it's just so adorable! And she has this immense passion for Bollywood, which is why we are such close friends. :P Also, she was my go-to friend whenever I felt the need to talk in French and brush up my conversation skills! :P Being Swiss, she is very fluent in French, Italian, English and German. That's great, isn't it?!! She's awesome! And now, she is back in beautiful Swiss countryside!

But life continues. Today, I met an old friend of mine. Actually, she was a junior at college with me, just one year behind me. So, she is going to start her Masters this year at Leeds. She just arrived yesterday and had loads of question about this new "huge" city! :P I couldn't believe someone who comes from Mumbai and who had only just seen Leeds City Centre called Leeds "huge"!! :P Hahaha! I took her around the town, tried to tell her as many things as I could to help her ease herself into the uni life and life alone, without parents. We also talked to other new students around campus and met some really nice people. She is really nervous about a few things and I know only living here for a while and getting used to things is all she needs. Once she makes good friends, she will be all fine! Friends are such an important part of your life! But also, friends come and go from your life. It's the ones that stay and come back that matter. 

For that reason, I'm very grateful to Sun, Moon, S, Effy, Grace, Kyra, JD, Sara and a bunch of other people for being awesome and for being my friends. :D

In other news, I'm going to Belfast tomorrow with S. So, after Monday, there'll be more travel-logs! :P Until then, have a great weekend! :D

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  1. @ CD: Who joined Leeds this year? And have a great trip! Keep us posted!!!