Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guess who's back?!!! :D

Miss. I-can-do-it-oh-wait-not-really-can-you-carry-my-bag-please? That's who's back. Hmph.

Note to self: If you think the uphill road from the previous residence to the uni is just about what you can manage and if you can't carry the weekly groceries home from Morrisons without taking a bus or cursing yourself for not taking one, then hiking is not for you.

So, you get the picture of what happened on my "hiking" trip, right? I was so excited about North Wales, countryside, pretty places that I forgot that the last time I hiked was over 2 years ago. And the last time I exercised must have been about that time as well. Living in the past is not a good idea. When Igor (one of the house-mates with whom I went) asked me if I've done this before, I told him, yea! I've hiked up the Himalayas! This should be fine! I should have realised one hiking trip about 9 years ago and one about 2 years ago do not mean that I'm proficient at hiking. And fortunately or unfortunately, I don't know. But, the first 3 kilometres of our trip were a steep uphill climb. Less than 2 kms later, I told Igor that I won't be able to do it and that I should go back now when I can. But Igor and Cheng kept encouraging me and telling me not to give up. Igor took my bag from me and told me that I should come unto the top of the hill and then if I feel the same, I may go back. Except when we reached the top, both of them said, the worst is over and now, its only downhill! And anyway, it's too late to turn back. So, on we went. Most of the route later was through the fields. So, it was fine. But soon as uphill paths came or if we had been walking for more than an hour, even on pretty much straight paths, I would fizzle out like an old, damp fire-cracker. So there goes all my hiking glory! :(

Btw, did I tell you I hate it when my parents are right against my wishes. Hmph. Hmph. Hmph. :/ My dad didn't want me to go on this hiking trip because he was sure I wouldn't be able to do it. (Actually, he didn't want me to go because I was going "alone with 2 boys" he doesn't know. But I refuse to give that silly claim any importance by talking about it or justifying it. My house-mates, I trust. My judgement, he doesn't trust. His problem.) So, obviously, he doesn't get the satisfaction of knowing that I couldn't do it. :P

But anyway, it was so pretty pretty pretty!! :D British countryside is so beautiful, every time I visit some place, I want to live there for the rest of my life! :P I was only feeling guilty about inconveniencing Igor and Cheng. But they were great encouragement! After the first day, we were all so tired, even they decided to take a break the next day and just walk to some nearby town or something, which btw, was 5 miles away. So, we ended up walking 10 miles anyway. But, at least this time, the bag wan't involved. So, we were all ok. :D Then, I decided not to torture myself and them any more and took a bus to Chester a day earlier, stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast there and just explored the city for 2 days. They joined me on the last day and we all took a train back home. So, all's well that ends well! :D Only one problem: my phone got wet and refuses to work now. Oh ho.

Oooh, pictures! :D

Our start point of the hike: Prestatyn Beach. We started our hike with a rainbow - good sign! :D

View from the top of (one of) the hill(s). We could see the Irish sea from Bodfari as well, the place where we camped for the first two nights - 20 kms away from Prestatyn. How cool, no?!! :D

We just walked through all of this and more like this! It was a treat to the sore eyes. Not to mention, all that fresh air and oxygen might have almost cured my lung cancer that I have probably contracted due to the pollution in cities! :P

This is the view from atop Denbigh castle (called Dinbych in Welsh).Yes, we even saw a Welsh castle! Awesome, no?!! :D And there was a woman playing harp and singing a local legend about a skirmish between the English and the Welsh. Oh, and I bought a mood ring with a design of Celtic knot on it! Cool, no?! :D A Celtic knot represents the eternity of soul. Btw, I know mood rings only react to body temperature and have nothing to do with moods but mine is almost always dark blue, which signifies love and passion. So, I would like to believe that it does really reflect the mood. :P 

This one is clicked in Chester from a bridge of the busy Eastgate Street. Chester is a very pretty town and you all should visit whenever you are in Britain! :D

Ok, finally, as a parting shot, I give you a Rhino!!! :P Well, these funkily painted Rhinos were there all over Chester. It's Chester's answer to Liverpool's Superlambanana! :P