Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Firstly, I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long! I won't even bother with the excuses. However, here are the updates about what's going on in my life:

  • I'm back from N Ireland and it was gorgeous!!!! S even said that it was more beautiful than the Republic of Ireland. We had rented a car and so, we just drove along the east coast of N Ireland and even though it was grey and rainy and foggy, everything looked so amazing, I can only imagine how it would be when it's nice and sunny!
  • Secondly, since the boy who was subletting his room to me for the summer is now here, I had to shift out from my room (Notice how it's "my" room, not his :P) and into the small guest bedroom. Packing up 12 months of your life is not easy. This room is so small, there is no cupboard and there are 2 suitcases and a box occupying my floor space. So, I have nowhere to walk. I jump into the bed immediately after getting in the room. Now, someone is coming on Sunday to live in this room and so, I have to move out of this room as well. Sigh. I'm tired of living out of a suitcase already. 
  • I watched a really good production of As You Like It in a local theatre with a bunch of my house-mates. I will try and post more details and a review on the blog, just in case it ever comes to a theatre near you. :)
  • I attended the Aamir Khan interview with a bunch of friends! He's absolutely delicious! But apart from that, he was really charming and answered all the audience questions quite well. :) I wasn't disappointed at all! :) And then, we saw Peepli [Live]. It's a good and well-made film. If you haven't watched it yet, you should. 
  • Speaking of watching Bollywood films, I finally watched Raavan and O.M.G. It's AWESOME. I mean, I expected it to be good because it's Mani Ratnam. But, I was a bit put-off by negative reviews to be honest. I finally watched it and whoever thinks Ramayana is a big, black-and-white tale of good versus evil, watch this for the other side of the story. I mean, there is always a possibility of that, isn't there? I grew up listening to tales from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. But I seriously doubt if I'd like to tell my children the same bed-time stories. Simply because it distorts your views and opinions completely.
  • It's getting colder. It's getting darker earlier. Leaves are changing colour. It depresses me and I'm leaving at the right time. :) I can't wait to get back home! 
  • I made an Italian meal for Sara, JD and Rose (my friends from the Bollywood module) yesterday since Sara is leaving soon. And I made a perfect Risotto. So, I'm quite proud of myself. :D :P I also made a spicy martini, deadly cocktail. I was tipsy after just one glass. :P And I had 3 or 4. :P I still managed to clean up everything well so that the land-lady doesn't have a problem. Yay! But we had a lot of fun. We all talked mostly about boys and porn. Ok, too much information. But, Rose made us all talk to her partner and since we were all drunk, we made inappropriate statements and finally, he told Rose to be safe in the house full of crazy, mad women. Ha! I like it when men feel threatened by us. :P
Ok, I think that's all for now. I shall write soon, with pictures from N Ireland and of Aamir Khan! :D Until then, au revoir! 


  1. Looks like you are having some fun! when do you leave then?

  2. not a bad summer you had there; I think I will finally watch Raavan after reading your reaction. I was a bit put off by horrible reviews as well.

  3. @ HG: I leave in exactly 21 days! :D Good times! :)

    @ Jasleen: Do, do!! Do watch Raavan! :D