Saturday, April 9, 2011


DV (Devil Voice): Oh, yay! There it is!!
AV (Angel Voice): Yeah. But you shouldn't. It's not a good for you.
DV: Oh, come on. It's just one. One won't make a big difference, right?
AV: No, that's just your addiction speaking. Just one today, just one tomorrow, just one day after...and then, it will all add up. Besides, it won't help you quit.
DV: But you never said you wanted to quit. Did you? Were you ever trying to do that?
AV: But of course that's what you want to do, right?
DV: Yes, but eventually. When you feel ready for it, right?
AV: But that is not defined!
DV: Ah, who cares? Anyway, you haven't had one in 2 weeks!! Surely if you just feel for one after a nice, satisfying meal, it should be fine.
AV: No. Not at all. Because you are stronger than that urge. If you clamp down on this feeling right now, you will be able to overcome your addiction.

I *in a small voice*: But I am not addicted. I haven't had one in two weeks. And before that, another week. And before that, another week and a half. And before that, another 2 weeks. And before that...

AV: You kept a count and you're telling me you're not addicted?

Thankfully, my AV is the dominant one in my head so far. Except for, of course, the above mentioned once a week or once a fortnight slips. But I get sternly reprimanded for those times. Hopefully, AV will continue to dominate me. Amen.


  1. Lucky, you HAVE and AV.

    My AV departed 17 years ago . :)

  2. I guess my AV and your AV were having a drink together last night at about 10!!!

  3. SB: You have been too mean with it. So it decided to leave you. :P

    Dishy: Yes, but yours came back earlier than mine did. I guess it doesn't like my AV. :P