Monday, April 4, 2011

Hanging out in the Wild!

So, finally I got pictures of Girnar and Junagad in Gujrat from my cousins. And so, I intend to make everyone jealous by putting up gorgeous pictures of the wildlife in Gujrat. :D

Spotted Deer
Papa deer and 2 baby deer! :D The baby in the front looks oh-so-innocent!! 
Forest Lizard
The first day itself, we went to Sashan Gir - the only national park in Asia where one can find lions. And of course, along with lions, we spotted a lot of other animals and birds too. And it was all damn cool. :P
Do I even need any words? 
The King :D

And the Queen ;)

Drying it's wings after a bath ;)
A piece of meat left on the tree by a leopard and now feasted upon by the crows
More vultures

Something that sounded like "Laplings"

Leopard Pug Marks

Great Horned Owls
So, that's all about the National Park and wildlife. :)


  1. They are beautiful! Living in cities does make you forget about other animals on this earth too!

  2. June: I will def call you next time I go! :D

    Dishy: Living in cities even makes you forget about other human beings, forget animals. :/

    SB: Heh, hi back. :P