Saturday, April 2, 2011


First of all, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! India won the World Cup!!! :D Though I am about 75% convinced that it was a fixed match, I will still be happy and celebrate India's victory!

But what I am happier and more kicked about, is the victory celebrations that I witnessed in the small suburb of Mumbai that I live in.People out on the streets, on foot, on bikes, in cars, with dhols, loud music systems, flags, the world cup look-alikes, screaming, cheering, dancing, celebrating, with anyone and everyone - friends and strangers alike. Truly, cricket is a religion in India - one that unites people instead of dividing them. ♥ I have never loved being an Indian more than today! :)

 Sorry for the poor quality pictures but father and I just went out for a walk to see things, like a tourist and we didn't realise that taking the camera would be totally worth it. So, phone camera it was. 

I don't care much about cricket and most definitely, have a few ideological issues with it as well. But, with this atmosphere that it has managed to create, I not just forgive it, I accept it open and whole heartedly. :) My father used a Gujarati word for it: "Swayambhu" meaning something that comes all by itself, from your heart and in a mob, not incited by any speech or anything.


  1. The feeling last night everywhere was beautiful! Beautiful! It was one nation...and only if these feelings would last forever!

  2. I agree, man, Dishy! :D I can only imagine what it must have been like at Shivaji Park or near Wankhede if it was so awesome here!!

    @ pj: :D

  3. did I read it sambhujan a few days back??

  4. yep, I corrected it before I misled more people. Especially since pj liked the wrong word itself! :P