Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sigh, Leeds!

I cannot, cannot, canNOT believe I left Leeds and came back here!

JD, who is still in Leeds just put this on facebook as a reply to some "It wasn't really war" type comment for yesterday's match:

"Well it was in Leeds, people abusing left right and centre, people came with dhols and loud speaker to the old bar.. I got told off for dancing on the pool table! :P"

::wails loudly::

I want to go back to Leeds!!! Be it the massive student protests against the ConDem-ed Government's decision to raise the home student fees or celebrate an India-Pakistan cricket match, there is always some action happening at Leeds. Old Bar is one of the bars in our university famous for transforming itself into an awesome sports bar on important days. We all went there to watch the thakela America v/s England football match during FIFA earlier in the year and dude, the two rooms had 5 big TVs, lots of war paint and incomparable amounts of energy. It was great just to be there because the match was really the most boring football game I've eve seen. (Well, not that I have seen many but whatever. :P) And Leeds has many, many, many Indians and Pakistanis. I can just imagine what the atmosphere would have been like for yesterday's match. 

These are the moments, of course, where I miss Leeds like absolutely crazy. Here, even if such things might happen in some places, a) they will always be too far away from home to be realistically going there and b) parents will always interfere and forbid doing fun things. Sigh.

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