Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Cricket Fever

"1 lakh for a 10k ticket, 17 lakhs for a 10 second advertisement, 22000 for a one way ticket to chandigarh on wednesday morning flights, Richest men in asia fighting for jet parking space at chandigarh airport, 1 billion hearts synchronized at the same level, 75% productivity of the most upcoming nation stopped on the final day of the financial year....No, this is not just a cricket match...Cheers!"

- Facebook update of a friend. 

It's amazing how this sport unites India everytime, especially when there is an India-Pakistan match. And if it's World Cup Semifinals, ooooh! I am never much bothered by cricket. I don't even know the difference between a wide and a no ball. But I do find it extremely fascinating that somehow, the whole country is talking about the match. That there is a certain buzz in the air, a cackling electricity brought on by this "It's War!!!!!" attitude amongst the people of both countries. That everywhere you go, everywhere you see, everywhere you turn, all you can see, hear, feel is the cricket fever! FB newsfeed, SMSes, Hoardings, TV, Radio, Internet, even random conversations between strangers on trains, bus-stops, everywhere. I find it absolutely charming. C'est passionant!! 

Today, even at Alliance Française, when they were doing the feedback session with us individually, the rest of us were huddled into the small peons' room, watching the match. And then, the director, who simply couldn't understand what's with everyone let us go early to watch the match. Almost everyone I know has either a half-day or an off or they are bunking lectures today. I don't understand it but I love it. And for some reason, I don't mind being a part of the masses going crazy for one day like this. :)

So, for this great quality of cricket to bring the whole country together and making a certain anticipation felt even in the hearts of people who generally couldn't care less, "De Ghuma Ke!!!" :)

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  1. Its everywhere and so palpable!

  2. And we won!! :)
    I was literally over the moons around the 7th wkt fall of pak. I tell you, it was just India in semis for me. Not Kargil V- 2.0.
    You in twitter?

  3. I know, we won, we won!!! :D :D :D And yes, it was not Kargil for me either. It didn't even look like that for the players, to be honest. But it was still exciting coz everyone was excited about it and created a superb vibe. :)

    And no, I don't have a twitter account but I have been thinking of joining for sometime now. Too many people to follow (and too many people who want to follow me. :P) Why?