Thursday, March 24, 2011


  • 2 of my friends from school who are now dating each other:
Ashutosh's picture, named "The morning after.. :P"
Ashutosh: tired and sleepy eyes.. after exposure to multiple movies throughout d night :D
GE: i kno.. bt it ws fun :)
Ashutosh: oh yeah.. definitely.. a roller coaster ride from psycho killer to ghost to beer ! :P
GE: i dnt remember seein d beer much tho ;)
Ashutosh: hehe.. ;)   

WHY?!!!! Oh, and just for the records, this is ONLY one of the examples of comments/ wall posts etc that come up atleast 10 times a day. Needless to say, they have been blocked on my news feed.
  • Another friend I made when I went to Scotland for a trip.
Emily Buchon has been fraped by her own boyfriend. And it feels good...
Simon: I know you like it, baby.. ;)
Some other friend (who, thank God, feels the same way I do): My eyes! My eyes!
  • 2 more friends from college. (Actually, they are very, very cute together. So, I feel a bit guilty putting this up here but sometimes, FB PDA can be so corny, how can I resist myself?
JB: This little bit here is called 'happy'ness. (For a picture)
Anjali: If u mean ogling at ur pik then yes:)
JB: U = Precious. 

Seriously, guys. You are so cute together. And even on FB, you are mostly sane and keep a check on yourselves. What happens to you sometimes?
  • Another friend to his girlfriend: (heart signs) * 77 

Ugh, what? Somebody kill me right now!Thank God for FB's privacy settings.
Also, I know some people might see it as an invasion of privacy or something but really, all these things were put up on FB for the whole world to see. So, if anyone thinks they need to protect their privacy, STOP putting stupid stuff up on it and be glad that I have used pseudonyms.


  1. Interesting. Actually i am def a FB PDA Offender. Except of course i dont do it with the boi :/ I am constantly leaving embarassing things on June's wall. Like say when i see some old picture or something. Sometimes on p's wall :p
    These conversations dont bother me much but i kinda get irritated with too close-for-comfort pictures of coupley louw. By which i mean bedroom standards. Yes, i understand its Valentines and you suprised "him" all over the house but spare me the pics!

    But i def leave hitting on june messages with the louw sign on her wall every now and then :p

  2. June says - 'guilty as charged'. Louw can't get better than kutty's louw :)

    about your post though - sometimes, only sometimes, I find it extremely awesome how the two of them are able to proclaim their love to their fb world. Especially since I stick to innuendos :|
    Thankfully, most of my friends don't resort to fb pda. yaaaay! :)

  3. But that's completely different! Sun, Moon and I do it a lot on each other's walls and old pictures as well. But at least that love is not going to be corny comments about the "morning after..."
    Don't you think so?

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  5. its like having the drink. Feels good when you drink and dance, and not so good the day after.

  6. Ummmm...sometimes the stories you can tell about FB PDA even for those who don't publicly acknowledge relationships but are all over the wall on the FB pages!!!!