Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 5

A Book that makes you happy.

When it came to a book that makes me happy, I had a 100 names bombarding through my head, vying for attention. "Pick me! You know you want to!" said every one of them. Should it be my childhood Enid Blyton memories? Or the Harry Potter series? (I think people have had enough of my fan-girly squeals about HP. So I chucked that choice. :P) Or a couple classics that I really like? Or the Terry Pratchett books? Or some of the really good chick lit that I've read recently? Everyone reading this blog knows what a sucker I am for chick lits. So, finally, I decided on some chick lit of the 19th century. ;)

That is one kickass cover for this book! :D 
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: This was the first classic I was introduced to in my school library and immediately fell in love with Darcy and Elizabeth's amazing story. :P (What? I was a 12 year old girl! :P) And then, when I started college, this was our first text for our first year lit class. What's more? It was taught by my most favourite prof ever! So, whenever I think of this book or read it, I am reminded of my school day fantasies of meeting a perfect Darcy (Of course, now I can only laugh derisively at those fantasies but well, that innocence was something. :)) And of the brilliant discussions with Chhaya Mam in lit class, the presentations we had and the way we compared it to Bridget Jones' Diary and Sex and the City. :) Also, of course, of watching Colin Firth in the BBC Pride and Prejudice series and drooling over him. :P And then, re-re-re-watching the lake scene with Sun and Moon. What lovely memories! :D :P

So, I get a classic and a chick lit all rolled into one with a man that, of course, can only exist in books, but a Colin Firth, nonetheless, to fantasize about. Of course this book makes me happy. :)

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