Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Genuine Koschans

1) What does one do when a certain ex-boyfriend is now feeling lonely and calls one up and one doesn't know how to react?

2) Seeing as virginity for women is given so much importance in India, how many brides are really virgin when they get married?

2.1) Seeing as the "first night" is given so much importance in India and made a big deal of, how many couples really, actually have sex make love after the long wedding day just because "it's the first night"?

2.2) So, everybody wants their first time to be beautiful, wonderful and all those things. But of course it's never going to be. You'll fumble around and not know what the fuck to do. Besides, it'll pain like a bitch. (2.4: Is it the same for boys? I've heard it is but was never really convinced.) So, how do all these people call first times "beautiful"? And more importantly, why do they leave it to the first night of marriage? Are they so eager to start the fuckery that marriage is? (Pun totally not intended.)

2.5) If a girl remains celibate for a long time (let's say 2 years) will it hurt all over again when she becomes sexually active again? [Okay, that's enough. Stop laughing and answer the question. I only ask coz needless to say I've never been in that situation.]

3) Is it really everyone's mothers who are always the problem? All the cases I know of, including mine, the problems are always the mothers. In that case, why do the films always show the mothers as being this nice, selfless, doting women? (3.1: Are all mothers prejudiced and judgmental?)

4) I know this question has been asked over and over again by a lot of people but really, what is it with people wanting their children's pictures as display pictures?! It's scary when their status updates are something like: "What the fuck do these in-laws think of themselves?" No. Kidding.

5) Is money really the most important thing in the world? More important than your relations and ethics? And please, before your reflexes jump in and say "of course not!!" think for a moment and then answer. Because I think the answer might be yes for me.

6) Whether we die in 2012 or not, can we please kill all the T.Vs?


  1. 1) It depends on if ex was creepy/ not too bad ranging to sweet, then one can find some time maybe? yes?

    2) Not many. Say in five people I know, it was a 1: 4 ratio.

    3)I didnt. Though that is also probably because the word first night gives me the giggles and also it had no meaning by then. :/

    4)Men hurt too. Probably not as bad as women.

    5)Yes it hurts again, not as bad though. Esp if you are really horny again. The word horny also gives me them giggles.

    6)Mums are a problem, sure. But they are also probably the only ones who will ever care that much and when they are gone.. well I dont want to regret not having done something and all I could have to have made her a little happy, even if you know, I thought it was tremendously stupid and uncalled for, at the time

    7)People are stupid. They make me jealous these baby pictures. they must stop.

    8)It is pretty much numero uno on my list but I think if situation arose in my face where I had to just pick one, I might not you know go with my greed. I think its purely the moment..

    9) I have no cable.

  2. Hg, I have always loved you. But today, I wish again to be adopted by you. I can do a pretty good job of being a child. ::big, wide eyes:: :D

    1) So, this ex is sort-of sweet. But there's a reason he's "ex". Now if he is lonely and I give him some time, isn't there the risk of it spiralling out of hand? Anyway, I suppose a coffee can't hurt.

    3) It makes me laugh too. Stupid word and stupid concept. After the tiring day, who'd want that extra exercise?

    5) Oh. Should get my ass working on avoiding that pain. No? :P

    6) ::shudder:: No, you are right. I don't want to think of that possibility either.

    8) :) Probably. I hope such a moment never comes around for anyone.

    9) Lucky you!

  3. 1. It is not good to be rude. So just hang on to the phone and mumble something. ( Especially if he is very hot . If not, suddenly develop diarrhea )

    2. I do not have any female friends. So I have no idea. ( Is it important really ? As long as one does not bring the 'emotional baggage ' of a previous relationship into a marriage, it is not. But most of us can never let go of the 'emotional baggage'.... )

    2.1 Zero ?

    2.2 The reason for it being beautiful and wonderful ? The sheer bloody desire, anticipation and hope coursing through the veins.

    2.4 It is painful for boys ehm ? No one told me this. Must not be more than a mild ache. Anyway, you have give me one more reason not to have sex.

    2.5 No idea.

    3. I do not have much of a relationship with my parents. It is something like this:
    Mum / Dad: Ramu start studying...
    Me: Yes... ( I open my book )

    Mum / Dad: Make a bomb.
    Me : Yes ( I open the net and go to a 'how to' website )

    4. They are proud that they have achieved immortality by passing their genes down. Nothing wrong about showing off 'immortality'

    5. If you do not have money, money matters. If you have money, ethics matter.

    6. I like TV :)

  4. ahem.

    Complicated questions. but then

    5) Money is the most important. It CAN buy things that can make you forget all the things money cant by.But it doesnt work the other way round.

    6) Yes. TVs should be banned. but not when they air tom and jerry or Popeye or Garfield.

    The rest, i have no clue. loved the questions btw.

  5. Thanks! :) I was just wondering where you've disappeared. :P

    5) I admit I'm increasingly finding it difficult to argue with that logic.

    6) Yes, let's buy DVDs of all these and then burn all the cable TVs. :D