Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 7

Most Underrated Book

Okay finally, a topic which was difficult not because there are too many books and I had to choose one but because I don't think any book is underrated as such. I would have said Bridget Jones' Diary. But I don't think it's underrated at all. If anything, it has it's own proper place in the world of chick lit. It's the whole genre of chick lit that's underrated. Ditto graphic novels. Or any type of commercial fiction. Thus, it'd be unfair to point out just one book (I eat my own first sentence. :/) when there are so many great books in an underrated genre. So, I decided on this one from the "open category" of the genres:

The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie: So many people I know hate Salman Rushdie and his works. But I happen to love him. The world thinks he is a genius. But, only for his Midnight's Children. That's all that they'll ever talk about. (Or, of course, Satanic Verses for its controversial quality.) But The Enchantress of Florence is really good. So many of my senses were evoked while reading this one. It is well-written, well-narrated, funny, sensual, magical and just generally, all other adjectives that are awesome. :D Unfortunately, it has been overshadowed by the presence of Midnight's Children. But I hope not forever.

Bref, go read. :)

*This beautiful image is courtesy Google images, of course. :)


  1. The story in gist? What touched you most about the book?

  2. Well, it's about this European who visits the court of Akbar and claims a relation to the Moghuls through a princess who was banished from the family a long time ago and who married an Italian. So, he mixes the histories of Italian Renaissance and the Moghul Empire in India to create a fantasy fiction.

    The best thing that I like about it is that it evokes all of our senses: descriptions of places, the grandeur of the Renaissance and Moghul times, the olfactory senses, even tactile senses. (Though, maybe I should have mentioned it in the post that some people might find it offensive.)

    Thanks for the comment, Purba. Now I know exactly what is to be improved in my posts. I need to be better organised and write instead of gush. :)