Sunday, December 5, 2010

About that (Un)employed status

Subtitled: Mixed Emotions

Big news, guys! I'm no longer unemployed! :D Now, I subtitle Hindi films and serials in English for a living. And so far, it's a very cool job. :)

Mixed emotions, because, well, this office is a long, long commute away from my home. So, 6 days a week, I travel for 5 hours (yes, 2.5 hours one way) and work for 8.5 hours. Which means, that I officially don't have a life anymore. Besides the commute tires me very much. And the pay is not that great a motivation either. So, I wonder if it's really worth it. I won't even get time for writing/ reading. On the other hand, it's a fun job. And irrespective of that, hey, it's a job! For so long, I was looking for something and I was hitting dead-ends everywhere. Besides, I only want a job for a few months, before I go back for my PhD. (hopefully, I mean) And since I'm enjoying it, it doesn't seem that bad after all. ::very very confused::

Btw, for the last two days, I've been subtitling a television serial called Mahi Way, which is a total Bridget Jones-rip off. And I like this coincidence that out of all the weepy, stupid, bhartiya nari-types that I could have got, I got this one. :D Since I have been quite out of touch with Hindi television, I didn't even know this one existed. In fact, in one of the chapters in my thesis, I'm planning to focus on how relevant is the genre of chick lit in India coz we have seen Bridget Jones, Sex and the city, Shopaholics, all translated into television and films. But, even when we have books like Swati Kaushal's A Piece of Cake or Advaita Kala's Almost Single, (both, brilliant books, btw) television and films are still mostly dominated by regressive, traditional, Sooraj Barjatya-types. This one will be very good input for me! :D

In other news, Moon got placed at an awesome company for next year! :D This is very exciting! We went out to celebrate last night and did the whole awesome cocktails thing that makes me feel very sexy. :D But, on the downside, it seems that Sun won't be able to come down to India after all because the flight tickets are way too expensive. And I cried very much when she sent me that email. She says that if she doesn't come this January, she won't be able to do so until next year, around the same time. And none of us knows where life will take us by that time. :( I was so looking forward to seeing her and being 18 again with the two of them. Does any of you know anything that I can do to get cheaper tickets from Auckland to Mumbai and back? Please help this poor, pining-for-her-friend me!

But, in the good news, I'll be leaving for Leeds in 48 hours! Now, if only the weather Gods don't make the flights stop and all, I'll be back with S and Atom in 3 days! :D

So, yes, mixed emotions. Happy for the job? Sad for not having any time because of that? Happy for Moon? Sad for Sun? Happy for meeting Atom again? I don't know!


  1. I like your job! :) have fun with everything, esp the boy! :o

  2. That commute does sound gruelling, but congratulations on the new job!

  3. ah, broken promises of friend's visits, its the same story everywhere. do not lose heart, simply put on that grim courageous face n hope for the best.
    Meanwhile congrats on the near-perfect fit of a job.

  4. Congrats on the job and have fun on the trip back to Leeds! :)
    Quick question: Digicaptions or SDI ?

  5. aaah..
    sun, moon,star, atom....
    is there a comet??

    and hey. thats an interesting job..Congrats !!
    and have a good trip. :)

    (FYI, i do accept expensive gifts, contrary to public belief. spare no thoughts to get me something expensive from UK :P:P )

  6. Thank you, all! :D

    @ June: huh? is my first reaction. And my gut instinct tells me to say "A 12 MP Olyumpus Digicam." But I'm not quite sure if even that would be the right answer. :P

    @ Survivingbrain: No comet. Yet. :P

  7. @ CD! San will come! I have this feeling in my heart that Sun will soon...and we will be together again and soon we will be 18 again! :-D

  8. Digicaptions and SDI Media are some of the companies that sub-title movies/videos in India. :)

  9. Dish, I hope you are right.

    June, ah, right. None. :)

    Obviously, my gut instinct was far from right. :P

  10. heyy, that's a cool job. :) i'd get bored after a little while but regardless, something worth experiencing. and dont u be cussing the saas-bahu dramas. they kept me sane (or insane) -wutchuwanancallit- when i was home cuz of an injury hehe.

    came here from D's blog. laughing at those poor gentlemen in the plane bothered me so much that i am going to everyone's blogs who laughed lol. tailwind, guys, tailwind!

  11. @ Roopscoop: Thanks for dropping by! :) I do enjoy my job very much so far. At least gives me material for blogging, if not anything else. ;)

    Aww, tailwind is a phenomenon much under-rated, I agree. :P But, it was funny, that post. Come on, don't you agree?