Thursday, December 23, 2010

Star Status

  1. Back in Mumbai.
  2. Officially an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Leeds.
  3. Single.
Am writing this down, mostly, just so that it sinks and becomes real: both, the Graduation bit and the single bit. I have pictures for the first one but no memories that could make the second one real. No fights, arguments, disagreements or dissatisfaction to account for it. It was a mutual decision to avoid the long distance thing. Just like we were having a conversation about apples or something as trivial. I thought it might be easier since it was so short. But, will still take some time getting over it. Anyway, it's alright. Life goes on. Only, note to self, for future reference: Watching silly rom-coms after a break-up is a recipe for disaster. As is reading his letters. Avoid at all costs for the next several months.

But, the Graduation ceremony was awesome! :) Will write more about it next time. With pictures and all. :)


  1. life's like that i have been told a hundred times.
    join the club. that is all i can say now. though am still struggling with my post graduation.

  2. I think I should play the Devil's Advocate here... er... Did you not go into the relationship knowing that it would just be a short one ?

  3. @ P: Post graduation was nothing compared to falling in love! :P Heh. On a serious note, once it's over, you are like, why did I stress so much about THAT?!!

    @ Kannan: I totally did. Can't argue with that. In fact, I was ready for this last time I came back. Only, the human race is silly like that, no? We hope against hope and all. All I can say is I have no regrets. :)

  4. Well.
    Welcome back!
    Welcome to the club !!

  5. Thanku! ;) Can't honestly say that I've missed the club. But, since I am a part of it again, I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. :P :D