Monday, December 6, 2010

An example

I am having a lot of fun on my new job! Today, I had to translate some classic Hindi dialogues in English from some really shady Ajay Devgan film. An example:

"Vaishi darindon! Ek aurat ki izzat ka tamasha banate hue tumhe sharam nahi aati?"


(For those who don't know Hindi as well. Or even at all. :P Translation: Scoundrels! You are trying to make a scene out of a woman's honour. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!! Except, scoundrel doesn't even begin to cover all the possibilities and slimy nature of the word that a vaishi darinda has. I must say, I've done very well so far. I even translated: "Pake ped pe paka papeeta, paka ped ya paka papeeta. Pake ped ko Pinku pakde, Pinku pakde paka papeeta." :P


  1. How did you translate the last one ? :)

  2. Yeah CD! how did you translate the last one??!!!

  3. If its a ripe papaya on a ripe tree, is it tree thats ripe or is it the papaya? Does Pinku hold the ripe tree or does pinku hold the ripe papaya? :P

  4. Literal Translation

    "Hungry Sharks! Aren't you ashamed of yourself while making a street play of a woman's honour?"

  5. Savios translation is interesting....

  6. LOL, Savio! I tried doing something on the lines of "predators" (See, I know what darinda really means! :P) But, I was told to use more commonly used words and no swear words. Wattodo?

    @ Alka: Yep, Savio is one of the very few awesome people I know who are great with Hindi and Urdu! :)