Saturday, December 11, 2010

While Travelling: I Observe and I Think (albeit, without much success)

  1. London airport is a lot quieter than Mumbai airport.
  2. Mums love embarrassing their kids everywhere. I thought it was true only for me. 
  3. There are way too many pigeons in England. And they are really fat as well. Maybe they have more feathers to keep them warm? Hmmm. Answers my next question, which was going to be 'Don't they feel cold?!!' They are also very stupid. All of them kept pecking at this piece of stone in turns. Even after realising several times over that it's nothing edible. Stupidity aside though, they are really brave. Not at all afraid of freely roaming around amongst people and in case of one particular pigeon, flying in their faces. And over my head as well. Which gave me the fright of my life. Evidently, I've spent a lot more time observing the pigeons than the people here. But also, talking about birds and fearless pigeons has now reminded me of the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Which was one the most traumatising experience in my entire life. Don't watch, people. Also, talking about The Birds, I've been reminded of a teacher I used to have when I was about 10. To keep the boys from hurting the sparrows, she said that if we hurt one, they all come in flocks to peck at us and hurt us. Gosh, it gave me night mares for days after that. What a horrible lie to tell kids, even if it was for them to not hurt someone. Since I'm talking about birds and unpleasant things, a few days ago, I dreamt that I sat on a pigeon and killed it. ::shudder:: This is the longest I've ever spent thinking or writing about birds. It can be a whole post by itself.
  4. And I saw a girl at the London coach station, sitting on her pink, floral suitcase, with her pink backpack, painting her nails. And I immediately categorized her as a certain type of people before reminding myself that a) I'm being very mean and small and unfair. And b) I love pink myself. Even though I'd never buy pink bags and suitcases, I have loads and loads of pink tops and pink nailpaints. 
  5. Dark clouds have silver linings. Literally.
  6. London is such an extremely pretty city!
  7. National Express coach rides from London to Leeds (Ok, anywhere to anywhere) are EXTREMELY boring. 
  8. Extremely seems to be my new favourite word.
  9. I'm running out of things to write. It doesn't seem like I'm very good at the whole observe and think thing. 
Well, anyway, to update on things, I'm in Leeds and have already met with S, Atom, JD, Grace and all my ex-housemates. And it has been lovely! :D I'm happy to be back in Leeds. It feels like I am back after a holiday rather than this being my holiday. Oh, I'm going to be very disappointed when these 10 days will be over. But hey, I'm not going to think of that just yet. :) 


  1. 4 is the kind of judgement that i constantly have to remind myself not to do!
    :)you feeling louuuwy yet? :p what with the boy around n all!
    (im bored and thus asking many nosey questions)

  2. I love comment no 2! its just true of all moms! And the irony...they think they are trying to save you from embarrassment when they are actually doing the exact opposite!! :-P

  3. @ HG: Hehe, I always feel louuuwy. Boy or no boy. :P Ask Dish here. :P

    @ Dishy: Agreed. ::shake head in resignation::