Monday, June 6, 2011

Week one of Isolation: Not so Isolated

Sunday: Spent with family. At least I was on Marine Drive.

New Dress from Colaba Causeway :)
Monday: Work. Went to the Oxford Store in Churchgate to read and chill in the lovely Cha Bar there, went shopping - Colaba Causeway, walked around to the Gateway of India and got a haircut.

This, btw, is what my hair used to look like. *Sigh* I'm still in the I-miss-my-long-hair mode even though my current look is not exactly short hair. 
Tuesday: Work. Watched Hangover 2. My one line of criticism: Hangover 2 is to Thailand what Sex and the City 2 was to Abu Dhabi. But it was a hundred times more watchable than SATC 2.

Wednesday: Work. Listened to the Beatles, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Evanescence. Really Random, yes. (But at least isolation, unlike the last 3 days)

Thursday: Holiday. Slept. (Read, nothing remarkable.) But again - isolation. Good.

My Baking Paraphernelia. Not enough for me AT ALL
Friday: Holiday. Revisited the pleasures of baking - baked a well-turned out chocolate cake and miserably failed at baking chocolate chip cookies and olive bread. I really need a real oven. Isolation too. Good day.

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate sauce and fresh cherries

Saturday: Baked a fabulously turned out Apple-Cinnamon cake. Made pakoras and chai while it was raining and made orgasmic sounds while eating them.

Hot onion pakoras! :D
Sunday: Cooked Pasta and baked another chocolate cake.


  1. Cake making monster! I hate you now! I want!!!

  2. Well, there is an easy way on un-hating me. Come to Bombay and I'll bake some more! :)