Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bas, Yunhi (Just like that!) ;)

I realised, I've been writing too many "justifications" lately and decided to relax a bit...So, here goes: Random things about me which you probably didn't need to know but now will since you're reading this...bas yunhi!

  1. I've recently updated my food blog and now, it looks all cool and professional chef-types blog! Yay, I rock! :P
  2. I have also, FINALLY, mastered the art of eating with chopsticks!! :D I POLISHED off my Thai fried rice yesterday, down to the LAST grain of rice, with my chopsticks! Yay again!! 
  3. I started following a few new blogs and realised we have awesome bloggers in the world! Especially, June and Vampire Doc here. Hehe, very funny! Go, read! 
  4. My house ALWAYS smells of catpoo and fish! :/ I don't think our landlady eats anything other than fish. And even though I'm friends with the cats, it's impossible to go into the kitchen without scrunching up your nose because of the fish and catpoo smell! Hmph. Oh well, hardly 3 more months more to stay in this house before I go back home, baby!! :D
  5. I've been using the expression "Home, baby!!" way too many times for it to be considered normal! BUT, in my defence, I'd be going back home and back to my beloved Mumbai after 13 VERY long months! So, I'm allowed some over-excitement. :P
  6. For sometime now, I've been thinking of changing my blog name to something funkier. Any suggestions?
  7. I HEART BOLLYWOOD!!! :D I've never seen anything more brilliant than Om Shanti Om in my life!! (Take that bewildered and aghast look off your face and stop judging me. ::pause:: Now.) I have a special relationship with Bollywood, where I love to hate it and hate to love it! (S, my lovely Yankee friend, tells me that if you purely love Bollywood, then there is something seriously wrong with you. The only way you can love Bollywood is by hating it. And I think she has pretty much nailed my relationship with Bollywood. Does that make any sense to you? Because I think it's perfect!) Oh, and this should come as #1. I don't know how I didn't put it before frivolous things like catpoo and fish smells! 
  8. I'm just doing this list because I read somewhere that lists have come back in fashion in Blogworld. Hmm, which makes me wonder because I'm generally not the sort of person who follows fashion. Comfort is more my style.
  9. I don't like being kissed in the morning without having brushed my (and him, his) teeth. 
  10. I would very much like to write fiction except that I'm VERY creatively challenged! :( But, because I have made this promise to the sacred God of chick lit and to myself, I WILL write THAT one book at least at some point of time in my life. 
  11. A boy I have a little crush on said he likes the way I write!! :D :D :D Now, I write the way I think and talk. So, if he likes the way I write, it means he must like the way I talk! Which means, he'd want to talk to me more and thus, hang out with me more! Oooh, finally, some excitement in my life after MANY months of being single! ;)
  12. I totally made the last one up but I wish it were true! *sigh* :P
Ok, since I wrote about non-worry like and very cool things, I feel awesome right now! :D Happy blogging, world! 


  1. 1. Thank you for point # 3. :D My fav on the list :D
    2. On point 7, I have to agree that I like Masaledhar Bollywood myself, in a very embarrassed, I wouldn't ever mention that unless I was drunk, way.
    3. I was going to wish you luck after reading point # 11 and then read the next point and now wish to welcome you aboard the Pathetic Liner, a broken down boat filled with us lost, pathetic souls! :D

  2. Oh! And I loved the food blog. The chocolate cake is beautiful! :)

  3. 1. You're welcome! :)
    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bollywood! :D
    3. Sigh. :P
    4. Thanku thanku!! :D
    5 No suggestions for a new name? :(

  4. I'm forever struggling with that one! :D

    Look around you. The first thing that catches your eye, 'title-ify' it.
    Eg: Can of Red Bull.
    " Bulls and Cans" - See! It works on different levels! :D

  5. ooh, good idea!! :) Now lets see, what I can come up with:

    1) Bathrobe and thongs (errrmmmmmmm)
    2) Pink Perfume (ugh!)
    3) Bookshelf (Ah ha! I like! :D)
    4) Dates on Calendar (hmmm...)
    5) Memories in Mirror (I like too! :D - in case you are wondering, I can see the photographs on my pinboard reflected in the mirror! :P)
    6) Postcards and Photographs (hmmm...)

    Now, I have a few options! watttodo? Ok, but at least I have a few cool names, thanks to your great idea! Je shall decide soonly! :D Cheers! x

  6. Oh My God... I have been mentioned in the article.... I feel as though I have won the Miss Universe title... I need to find a tiara and some glycerine to complete the pic...

  7. clearly i commented on the wrong blog. so i will go again "oh u figured chopstix! how struggling,learner"

  8. Ooh, no worries! chopstix is easy if you practise enough! (How very profound of me! :P) It just means more chinese take-aways on the platter! :P

  9. Oh can I join the Pathetic Liner too?
    When I was in school, my friends started a club called MLS (My Life Sucks). We had only one activity- arguing over who deserved to be president.

    12. Damn.