Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Confessions of the Shopaholic

I went shopping yesterday!!!!! :D

I shouldn't have. I have a dissertation to write. And money to save. But I was meeting Effy and Grace again yesterday. And last time too before Effy moved to The Big City. So, when Effy asked me to go shopping with her, I couldn't refuse, you know!! And I swear I wasn't going to shop. Honestly. But then we went into the shops and oh! Final Clearance before they re-stock their shelves with the new season items! All these awesome summer things on sale! And since I'm going back to Mumbai, I'll have plenty of occasions to wear them! ::trails off realising she is not making much of an impression trying to justify her shopping sprees::

Well, anyway then. Under your judging stares, I'll tell you all about the awesome things I bought! First and the best thing I bought, a black blazer jacket, which looks like it has been tailored to fit me! And feels like silk! You know, it like GLIDES with me! Where will I ever wear it, you ask me? Well, I know at the moment I have a shitty restaurant job and when I go back, I'm looking to work in the teaching sector. Where there is definitely no use or need for a blazer. But, it was only for 5 pounds. And it makes me feel all professional, independent woman. So, I'll figure out a way to wear it. Just cheer for it along with me! Oh, New Awesome Blazer Jacket, you rock! :D

Next, from the same store, I bought.......TA DA! Cute lingerie!!! This store has like the cheapest lingerie possible! And oh, so cute!!!! Yesterday, I got a satin one with polka dots, ribbon and lace. ::eyes shining:: What more do you want?!! Of course, it has been SO fucking long since anyone other than me actually saw me in my lingerie, I'm beginning to feel re-virginised. Hmph. Another worthless piece of way too much information about me that you probably don't care about: before I came to England, I used to wear very old-lady type, plain cotton black/ white lingerie. And here, whenever I used to go shopping with S, my Yankee, she'd always pick up cute lingerie and as a means of justification, have the oh-its-so-cute-and-cheap-why-not-buy-it? face. And well, I used to be all like, but I don't wear that kind of thing, what's the point? Now, of course, I don't remember when I jumped sides but I totally blame her for my switching sides AND becoming addicted to it. :P What's more, she says she is proud of it and takes full responsibility for my addiction! :P Hee. But yeah, as soon as I go home and my parents see this novelty in my laundry, my dad will subtly nudge my mum and point at it and then, my mum would come to me and ask me where did it come from andI'll have to patiently explain that it's not because of the influence of firangi pani or because I was getting any action (Hey, at least I wouldn't be lying THIS time around! :P) but because I like wearing it for myself blah di blah blah. Not that she would believe me but because it's an unpleasant and almost a taboo conversation to have, she'd give me grief over why did I waste money buying things I didn't need etc etc. Yes mother, I hear ya! :P

Anyhooooo, apart from that, I bought comfortable dhoti style harem pants and a kaftan-type black-and-white top, both of which look great on me! :D Yay, shopping! :D Oh, and then, I went to do some grocery shopping and repeatedly found myself in front of the chocolates section. I swear I had absolutely NO idea how I would reach there and ALWAYS pull my cart away into the vegetables and healthy snack option sections. But, somehow, SOMEHOW, I always ended up there. So, only, but ONLY to stop that jinx, I bought a packet of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!!!! :D :D :D Oh, S, being all American about it, says that the British PB cups are not the same. But what the heck, I don't care! :P I finished the whole packet the moment I reached home! ::makes orgasmic noises:: They were SO good, even the memory of it makes me weak in the knees! Who needs a man if a chocolate can do that to you, right?!! ;) :P

PS: I added the new music gadget to the blog. If it annoys anyone, please shout out and I'll remove it. If you like it and want some of your favourites to play sometime, I believe that can be arranged too! ;)


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah I want to go shopping too. Except, I have no money, and more importantly, no TIME. But you have to tell me what shops you went to.

    And Celine Dion is annoying.

  2. Arre!! Sure yaar, once this Dissertation is done, we'll go shopping together! :D

    And I think you'll like the new playlist! ;) :P

  3. I've always dreaded clothes shopping - I have to drag myself there and then try to get it over with quickly! Is there a trick to learning to love it?

  4. Yes Matt. There is. Be born a girl. Especially one who loves to say 'Charge it!' :)

  5. Hehe, June pretty much nailed it! ;) But it really depends. A couple of my friends were like that too. But, once we went shopping together and spent like 4 hours in one shop only to buy one (or was it 2?) skirts! :P Moral of the story: If you have good shopping company, it'd help you to at least like it, if not love it. (Of course I'm totally pimping myself as good shopping company! :P) hehe!