Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cocktails are my cuppa tea! (heh!) :P

Remember that day when I told you I make the best Mojitos in the world? Make that the best goddamn cocktails in the world! (ever wondered why are they called cock-tails?!! heh!) There is something incredible sexy about mixing the various sinful liquids and then giving them that chic look. Isn't that why the bartenders get hit on so often?

I can tell you, I feel extremely sexy and in an odd way, empowered when I am mixing spirits. Another cool fact: When you confidently walk into a shop and ask for serious booze, nobody questions your age! :P Hehe, cool, no? I remember the first time I bought alcohol here, (I was trying to buy some cider! Hardly qualifies for alcohol! :P) I was asked for a proof of age and my student ID card didn't have my date of birth on it. (It beats me why wouldn't they put DOB on an ID! It seems such an important detail!) So, I had to go back to my flat and bring back another form of identification! And anyway, since I look all small and too young for my age, I am always ID-ed everywhere. But last time I walked in the store and asked for a big bottle of rum and yesterday, I went in and asked for triple sec/ cointreau and both times I wasn't asked to produce a proof of age! Oh, and all this was in different stores, just in case you are thinking that maybe it's because the people there know me by now. :P Though I'm sure if I went to just one place, they'd place me in the category of an alcoholic! :P Hee.

Anyway, so, once every week, all of us house-mates meet for dinner. There is a great international atmosphere and various cuisines on the table. In fact, I think all of us bond most over food talk! :P And I had volunteered to cook this week. I cooked that particular species of typically Indian food - "Indian Chinese." :D It is very different from Chinese food and I think the closest thing that would come to it would be the cheap South Asian Chinese joints in the UK. It tastes awesome and I'll put up the recipes sometime soon on the food blog. Well, since I don't know what alcohol goes the best with any kind of Indian food, I decided I'll just make some cocktails. (ahem, very original excuse, you have to agree! :P) I just wanted to feel all sexy! :P And as soon as I thought of "sexy," I knew I'd make the Sex and the City signature drink - the Cosmopolitan. And boy, did it look all pretty in pink! :P :D See, see!! :D I even frosted the glasses and made them look all professional cocktail types! Yay! I feel all proud and awesome! :D Now, if only my poor, neglected dissertation went as well as my alcohol exploits! Sigh! :P


  1. Hey! We need to have a cocktail party when you come back CD! What say? Your place or mine?? ;-) Snigger Snigger!

  2. Erm Disha and Carpe Diem, Am I invited?? :-)

    And that Cosmo looks very very very tempting.

  3. @ Disha: Now u r talking! ;)

    @ June: Thanks, you always say the right things! :D Of course you can come! The more the merrier! :D (Wow, that combined with Disha's comment is like any boy's dream fantasy come true! Hah! :P) Are you going to be in Mumbai at that time? :P

  4. I can be in Bbday anytime for cocktails! :D

  5. @Cd: Beer in frosted glass is awesomeness!The good life ie :p

  6. Hmmm...Well, I'm not much of a beer person. But, I'll definitely try it in a frosted glass and see if it's anything different! ;)