Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now that she is a year older and wiser....

Ok, I know, my Dissertation told you all that I won't be posting any more for a bit. But, it is my friend's birthday today and even my Dissertation understands that while my relationship with it is very important to me (in spite of it's misgivings,) I have to spend some time today writing about my best friend's birthday.

Anyhoo, today, is one of The Celestial Goddesses's birthday!! And so, this post is dedicated to Moon, one of that particular species of human beings, for whom it is a wonder every year they make it to their birthdays without any major accidents/ plastered limbs/ broken hearts/ marriages and marriage proposals/ slit wrists and basically, generally in one piece. So, kudos to Moon having survived another year and thus, making it to being 22 with mostly all major body parts in one piece and in their right places!! :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! :D

I know this last year has been particularly difficult for you, with Sun and me being so far away and then having to say other good-byes and also dealing with a lot of other issues. But, hey, you now know what kind of stuff you are made of. I suppose now you can take on anything that life throws at you, right? :) This year has made you a little stronger, a little wiser (of course, there is a lot to be desired but meh! :P) and a little more prudent and judicious in everything that you do. At the same time, this was a year of great achievements for you. Writing a book is no small feat and you proved that you have the sort of discipline it takes to take on such a project. And as usual, there were the regular academic achievements, which I suppose is not so uncommon for you. Besides, working in R-fucking-B.I. is HUGE!! :D I'm so proud of you and of being your friend. I know someday, people will all be like, O.M.G. You know MOON?!! And I'll be like, meh! She's just human, as far as I know! But, inside, I'll be glowing and my heart'll be bursting with glee! :D You were born for great things, darling. And, so far, you've been proving it relentlessly. You go, girl! We all love you so much! :D May God bless you, fulfil all your dreams and well, and keep you alive and in one piece! ;) :P

And, of course, I owe you a Star-special birthday cake. :P It goes without saying! :D Until then, here is a small gift. A little something that we all love but I know you haven't really heard in sometime. And omg, look at 3:50 and 6:25!! Sigh! :P

See why we love each other?!! :P Have a great day! And now, stop crying already, you silly emotional woman! :P Lots and lots of love!

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  1. Thank you so much my jaan: For all the faith you have in me! And for all the compliments (I almost chocked on this perfectly creamed cake!) Oh and the Pride and Prejudice Title track? I hear it every morning! Its on my playlist and reminds me of simpler times...esp with you guys!! :-) love you!