Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Star,

Do you remember me, Star? Do you? I, your beloved Dissertation?!! Do you remember the good times we have had in the past? When you frequented library to read more about me in spite of having to do more reading, researching and writing about other modules and essays? When you made a commitment to love me more than any other of your academic interests for the longest period of time? Was all of that a lie, a joke for you?

Do you remember how happy both of us were when our relationship was approved by the various tutors. And do you remember, when we went to meet our supervisor, we both were so impressed by him, we both wanted to have babies with him? Do you remember how we laughed together at our silly fan-girly type behaviour once his awe had worn off and he was nothing more than a really good teacher and supervisor? Do you remember how both of us persevered and brought about my make-over so that I look fantastic and so that all the other supervisors and examiners like me enough to keep me in the privileged "Distinction Dissertations" section of the library?

Do you remember the absolutely brilliant time we had while working on the conference where both you and I were much appreciated and then our relationship was seen as something that was meant to be. Star, we were meant to be together! We are like made for each other! Why then, have you been behaving so aloof and cold in the last month or so? Why have you been neglecting me to the point that I feel unloved and unattractive? Is it something I've done? Does something about me not please you anymore? Or is there someone else? I mean, I've always put up with minor distractions and digressions of yours. Your little watching films now and then, facebooking, talking to friends and *gasp* I even put up with it when you gave more attention to your Bollywood module than me! But, in the last month, I've been feeling completely disconnected with you. We have had serious communication problems!

Please come back to me, Star! I didn't think anyone could love me as much as you do. Please don't do anything more that will make me seriously doubt it and regret our relationship. I know you've been chasing the popular culture and chick lit things for sometime now. Don't think I'm not aware of your secret little crush. But, think about it. We have one and a half weeks only left to be with each other and enjoy each other's company. Then, you can go back to your watching films, planning trips and even to the chick lit if you want (sniff.) But, please try to make these one and a half weeks worth it! Let's not part on any bitter note. Let's make more beautiful memories and cherish them forever. I don't want to be separated from you even for one second in the next week and a half!

Yours lovingly,

PS: Star might be away for the next few days. If she posts anything new, be sure to remind her that she is doing so at the risk of neglecting me and eventually, may be, even losing me.

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