Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Christopher Nolan, will you marry me?

Finally!!! I FINALLY saw Inception last night with one of my house-mates. It was playing at a picture house near our house and he invited me to go along with him. It was a lucky coincidence that he knew. I never really check the schedule.

(Caution: I'm going to turn into a very fan-girly, squealy type person for the next few lines, like, rest of the post. :P Oh, and there may be some spoilers, in case you still haven't watched the film and want to keep the mystery going for you. You have been warned on both accounts.)

Inception is such a mind-blowing film!!! What a concept! Science in general but Physics in particular has been one subject totally and completely out of the realms of my understanding. It has always, always, always eluded me. And THEN, when you see someone not just having these fabulous ideas but also laying it out in terms that people like you can understand and appreciate, you are just left gasping for air. Just like you are when you see Leonardo DiCaprio in the serious, guilt-ridden husband and father act. *Sigh* Not to mention all the other good-looking guys having their serious scientist thing going on for them.

But, for once, for once, I was not really drooling over the good looking men. And I generally am not a big fan of action or sci-fi. But STILL, I was drooling over the concept and the execution of the concept of this film. Oh, at this point, I should probably tell you that I have this thing for Postmodernism. I really think whoever came up with the whole thing about multiple truths and questioned how real is our reality and how can one person's truth be everyone's truth was bloody brilliant. So, this film was like the Citizen Kane of the 21st century for me, you know? (Really. I'm even writing my dissertation about Postmodernism and Postcolonialism and all these -ism's. It's fun. Honestly.) Speaking of which, since I not only went to see the film but also went for shopping today and then am writing about it all now, my poor Dissertation [notice the capital "D" :(] has suffered a lot of negligence. Especially since I and my friends decided we'll all finish at least 50% of it by this Friday, I'm really beginning to regret these two little diversions. But heh. Inception is fucking awesome! And it's idea is even more awesome! Wonder who planted that in Nolan's mind! :P Hee. For all those who haven't seen the film, it's an inside joke. :P (Well, not really, if you have read the reviews! :P But what the heck! :P)

But, even when I say all of these fantastic things about the film, I have to confess, I was left most dissatisfied with the end. Blame it on Bollywood for having spoilt me. But, I did want a rosy, all is well kind of end. I hated the fact that he leaves one dream only to live in another one. Or...does he? I know it's again the same concept - of questioning what was real. Did Cobb really come out of the dream? Was he suspended in the limbo but created an alternate reality for himself? Was the top just about to settle down indicating that he did finally get his redemption? Or, was the whole fucking thing just a dream? Who knows? In fact, if we'd known, it'd probably have taken away from the impact and we'll would've been like, "Oh, how cliched!" So like I said before, it's bloody brilliant as it is. But I would've slept better if I had known. I wouldn't have kept tossing and turning to establish what would be the best possibility.

All said and done, I think it was too good a film to be criticized for what seem to be my notions of satisfaction. If you guys have still not watched it, just go and I promise you'll be sitting on the edge of your seats for 2 hours and biting your nails, it's that good! :D

*Pictures courtsey Google.


  1. Fun post. Here's to intelligent cinema. *raises coffee mug*

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  3. Yay, intelligent cinema! :D Oh, and the Live Traffic Feed thing is there only to boost my know, to know that people from *ahem* all over the world come and read what I write! :P