Thursday, October 28, 2010


FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I visited Xavier's and South Mumbai in the last two days. And I felt really happy for the first time after I finished meeting up with my parents and others at the airport. The whole of the last week was a very disorienting and depressing week. I want to go back to England. But, I can't figure out if it's because I miss my life in England or because I miss Atom. I suppose they are not exactly mutually exclusive now. But, I still used to feel annoyed by the smallest of the things here. Like, the heat and the humidity, even though I know that I'd prefer this to the extreme cold any day! The constant stream of visitors and relatives whom I really don't care about annoyed me. They have always annoyed me. But this time, the realisation was tinged with the fact that had I stayed on, I wouldn't have had to face this. Everything seemed to crowd in on me. I felt restricted, suffocated. I felt it even more acutely since for the whole year, I was not answerable to anyone but myself and my work deadlines. And I actually regretted coming back! I know I used to miss home a lot and I was very excited to come back but as days went by here, I felt the longing for Atom, my independence and my comfortable life all the more strongly.

And I hated the fact that I felt all of those things. I felt as if I'm turning into one of those people, who come back from abroad and start feeling disgusted about the place that was their home for 20 years or more. Thankfully, I never felt disgusted about anything in Mumbai. Only sad for its population, vehicles, congestion and pollution. But still, never disgusted. A strong longing for England and everything that England means for me but no disgust. Which was a relief. But, then came a stage where I felt nothing. I wanted to feel a sense of belongingness return to me, go to the places I know and feel a sense of "Ah! I'd missed this!" or "Ah! How this has changed!" But, I came up blank. No emotions. If there was no disgust, there was no pleasure either. And sometimes, I think I might have been better off with feeling disgusted but at least there'd have been something. At least I wouldn't feel emotionally dead! 

But, in the last two days, I went to Xavier's and to the places I, where used to love hanging out: Marine Drive, Chowpatty, Sun's house (even though she isn't here, we went to meet her father, whom we are all very close to.) And I felt that warmth, that feeling of belongingness, the sense of familiarity, all coming back to me. I travelled by crowded Mumbai locals and didn't feel annoyed. I saw people shitting alongside the railway tracks and didn't feel disgusted. I walked under blazing sun and didn't feel horrible. And I smiled and smiled until my jaws hurt. I met one of my old professors, Jeannie on the first day and then, my most favourite professor of all times, Chhaya mam, on the second day with whom I chatted for over an hour. I had the pav bhaji at Cannon, Kapoor's Punjabi Kulfi at Chowpatty, Pasta at Cream Centre, which was chosen by Moon and just sat at Marine Drive with Moon staring at the sea and singing Hindi songs, the city zooming past behind us. I also met one of my other close, close friends, Mungi (hehe, Mungi is actually what he calls me coz I'm so tiny. Mungi means an ant in Marathi. ;)) And I didn't realise how much I had missed him in the last year until I met him. We talked for a long time and pulled each other's legs as usual. :) Moon and I also met Father T, our college counsellor and he still remembered how we had given presentations on Hinduism and Jainism respectively in his human values something class in 11th grade, which was more than 6 years ago! T's office is one of the favourite hang-outs for most students in Xavier's. We are all friends with him. :) And he gave us both a cd full of Xavier's stuff and I was oh-so-happy but also very emotional! I wanted to put up one of my favourite videos from the cd but my internet here is S-O-O-O S-L-O-O-O-W! :/ So, I'm sorry, but I don't have the patience to wait while it uploads pictures and videos. :P

But, basically, like I like to call it, I've finally got my mojo back! :P And I still miss England, Atom and S. But, I'm less depressed and more happy. :)


  1. I always tell people never to return back to India... Why? Long story. I will write a blog post about it. You can read it there. Will let you know when I post it.

  2. Oh you know I relate to this completely.
    But unfortunately, I haven't been able to meet my friends yet or go to the places I've always loved. (Kerala, believe me, is not one of my favourite places on earth). Result? I can't name even ONE good thing about being back home.(Technically, this is not home). Except, I got to see mum and my granny- two people I'm super close to.
    And how can I just tell my family that I want to go to Bombay or Bangalore or Delhi? For what, they'll ask. Because I want to meet my friends.
    But weren't you with friends for a whole year?

    I really need to find a job.

    Also, now I know why I'm not blogging these days.
    You're writing everything that's in my head!

  3. @ Dish: Do that! :)

    @ Kyra: I'm really sorry you have to go through that!! Guess what? I told my mum I'll be going back to South Mumbai to meet some of my other friends early next week and she told me, you just went for 2 whole days! Why didn't you call the other friends as well? And this, after I didn't even mention going to Xavier's and South Mumbai for a whole week after coming coz I know she expected me to go meet family first. I can't cram 20 people in two days and spend 10 minutes with all of them! She wouldn't expect me to do that with family, would she now? I totally understand the arguments that you must be having with your family. They somehow just don't understand the importance of friends. It's so frustrating! I hope for your sake that you quickly find a job! In Mumbai! :D

    I know we have similar experiences. But, we have very different styles! I can tell you, you are depriving the world of something very good if you don't blog. You must write. As you know, it's very cathartic. x

  4. It should be easier. Like we get all our freedom and space and all the perks of living alone along with ghar ka khaana and the occasional head on mom's lap watching TV moments. Not to mention the mom-made sweets and dad made potato fry.

    Instead, after 3 years of staying away, I come back to unreal deadlines, a million questions, emotional blackmail and lots of ghar ka khaana. I'm NOT complaining :D

  5. Wow! I'd run back in less than 2 weeks if I came back to a million questions and emotional blackmail (I wish I could right now! But, I no have the monies! :/) However much I like ghar ka khana, occasional daddy's lap and moments of laugh, I want my space and independence!

  6. This is a tough one. it involves an irritating activity called having the talk which i personally think parents should just figure themselves!
    anyway so if it gets too much its best you sit them down and tell them see this point thats so much i can take and so try not to cross it :o
    in not so much rude words,of course
    also. helps if u are married.they dont bother you that much then :p but clearly that s not a solution here.:/

  7. @ HG: I will definitely have to do that sooner rather than later! But I so don't want the confrontation! But, I guess, running away will never be the solution! sigh! And definitely, getting married is not an option at least for a few years now... But gosh! Can you imagine if they keep this behaviour up even after you're married! I think that would become legitimate grounds for divorce! :P

  8. I wrote the post as promised. Link:

  9. Thanks! :) I did check it out. Wait for my email! :)