Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Classic Dilemma of an Immigrant

I miss India. I miss England. I wish it wasn't so cold in England. I wish it wasn't so hot and humid and filthy in Mumbai. I miss the sea. I miss the country. I miss the family and the close knit-ness of a Big Fat Gujju Family. I miss my independence. I could never settle down in any place other than Mumbai. I wish I could have stayed for "a few more" years in England. I miss my parents and Sun and Moon. I miss my boyfriend and other friends. (Yea, you read it right. My boyfriend. The reason I was so busy in the last few weeks that I could not put up regular updates. :P More about him in the next post! ;))

Sigh! Now that I'm back in India, even though I love it to bits, I miss England like anything! All I can do is think of going back now! Wattodo?!!

Well anyhow, since I am lamenting about how I have nothing to occupy me here, I might as well take this opportunity of announcing to the world that there is a fresh English Literature Postgraduate and an aspiring writer, just returned from the phoren, who needs employment in the publishing/ editing sector! I can read and write in 5 languages - English, French, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati and I've done editing jobs for college magazines and journals before. Hmmm? You think pimping myself here won't help? Ah well, never hurts to try now, does it? So, there. ::pointed look::


  1. If you bf has a Scottish accent, please post a recording of his voice ;) Please... :)

  2. haha!! No, Kannan, sorry! He is English! But now that you mention this, I wonder if I will be able to record his voice without him knowing about it and listen to it every time I get into the clingy girlfriend mode! :P

  3. Oh, I am so disappointed. Scottish accent + Kilt + Bagpipe = Weak knees.... Umm.. English ehm ? So what football club does he support ?

  4. I honestly have absolutely no clue!! I doubt if he actually follows football. Also, I don't quite agree with the Scottish fetish! :P