Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The R Word! :D

So, like I mentioned, Romance has re-entered my life! :D And with the capital R too! :D :P Remember I once mentioned that the boy who had sublet his room to me had come back and I had to move out of my room into the tiny guest bedroom? Well, it turns out there is something about two people who live in the same room at different points of time and then meet wanting to share it at the same time as well! :P Needless to say, I've been very giggly and on the moon over the last few days!

However, the thing that pains both of us is that we got together only 2 weeks before I had to leave! This is so unfair! There was no hint of anything even remotely romantic except for a couple very very unsuccessful crushes in the whole of my year in England. But just when I have to leave, bam! I meet this really wonderful person whom I would definitely like to know better! I could have screamed! I probably did too....several times.

Anyhoooo, Atom (Don't ask. Since he knew about the blog and since I asked him if it'd be ok to write about him, I also happened to ask him if he'd like to choose his own name. We had a L-O-O-O-N-G discussion about his name and I didn't like any that he suggested! At one point, he asked me if he could be called Om, coz the first Bollywood film we watched together was Om Shanti Om. I liked the idea a little bit but I could not reconcile his British self to a name like Om! But, ahan, his chat-up line was something like, it'd be interesting to watch Bollywood and I instantly knew! A man after my own heart! :D ::looks up proudly:: Anyway, so, then, I decided to name him after some cool Manga character since he loves Manga and is even studying Japanese language and culture. Then yours truly got confused and tried to name him after a writer instead of a character and he visibly blanched! :P But, finally, we have a winner here: Tetsuwan Atom (The Astro Boy!) So, Atom he is! :D :P) Ok, so, Atom and I have decided that we'll just keep in touch through Skype and email and get to know each other better. We haven't yet established any patterns but have already talked a couple times. :) Sometimes, it does physically pain me that I had to do this but here's to hoping that things turn out well. :) I would feel sorry for myself if I wasn't so enveloped in the fuzzy warmth of the early stages of a romance! :P Would you do that for me please? ;)

PS: Did I tell you that he often kisses my forehead?!!!! No no, not a figment of my imagination! He really, truly, does exist! See why I didn't want to go away? ::sniff::


  1. Kyraaaaaaaa!!! Tis true! :D JD has even met him! :D

  2. A Manga watching English guy !!! Strange. So does he watch Naruto or Bleach ? Or perhaps Death Note ? Ask him if he would like his nickname to be ' Kuckiki Byakuya...' ?. Or you can call him ' Taichung ' .... LOL... I hate Om Shanti Om. I had to switch it off before it got over. It breaks my heart to see Deepika Padukone utter stupid things in the movie.

  3. Typo : KuCHIKI Byakukya....
    Taichung means Captain. :)
    Does he call you ' Carpe Diem - chan ' ? The suffix chan is added to denote an affectionate relationship with a female.

  4. Oh god! You never told me about the capital R where he kisses your forehead! God! I feel so terrible now!! He must be awesome! Lets run away to England!!!

  5. @ Kannan: How can you not like Om Shanti Om?!!!! The silly dialogues, especially, the sindoor one is meant to be that way, just to define exactly what Bollywood is like! I think it's a BRILLIANT film! :D

    @ HG: I dunno!!! ::wails:: I'm planning to visit again in December for the graduation ceremony and hopefully, he'll be able to visit sometime next year. But in any case, I'll be going back next September for PhD. Hopefully, we'll pull through the year... ::mutters things that sound like cruel and unfair::

    @ Dish: Lets!!!! :D (That is, if you promise to remember he's mine! :P)

  6. cute cute!! :D
    i have never been a fan of manga, but hiyya on bollywood.
    besto to u anyway.