Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kuch Khatte, Kuch Meethe! :)

Mums are a strange, strange species. Especially mine. She's unique. She deserves the weirdest person on the Earth award really! Sometimes (about 5% of the time she spends with me) she is so loving and at other times (the rest of the 95% time she spends with me,) she is so bitter and snappy and she keeps screaming at me! 

For instance, when I was in England during the summer and didn't get to eat any mangoes this year, she froze a lot of mango pulp for me so that when I come back, I could have that and don't miss out on it. She cooked all my favourite dishes for me as soon as I came back as she hasn't cooked for me since over a year. She offered to buy me a ticket to go back to Leeds for my graduation ceremony as a gift for getting First class in MA. But, on the other hand, she keeps screaming at me for not waking up on time and about how she slaves and slaves for us, cooking things we like and taking care of the house and how nobody cares etc etc etc! 

Life is full of sweet and sour moments. I wonder if we'd appreciate the sweet moments without having experienced and knowing about the sour ones. But, now that I've just come back from England, after a whole year of blissful independence, it is very difficult to control myself when I feel my mum is screaming at me unfairly! I do appreciate all her efforts a lot more now. But I also don't like being screamed at all the time. :/ Wattodo?!!!


  1. Perhaps she is screaming bec of other reasons :) Does she happen to read your blog ? ;)

  2. haha! No, she doesn't. She screams for all sorts of things. I don't even pretend to understand or keep track. :P

  3. Well...moms are like that! And we have a fair share of ours too! Btw the screaming could also be because she's missed screaming at you when you were in England!!!

  4. Hehe! Yes, that is definitely one of the reasons! :P

  5. nothingtodo. :p My mom was being very kind on the i ask her how! she says oh dont worry when we meet in dec i wont be.
    they plan it u know. secret socities and such. :o

  6. Hee, makes me feel better about getting screamed at!! :P