Monday, May 16, 2011

History of India - VIRitten

The whole of the last weekend, I was attending a wedding, a family function and meeting too many people (especially the family types) for my comfort and tolerance levels. So, I just wanted to spend last evening alone in my room, moping about nothing. I cancelled my plans with Moon and decided I'll go home and try to concoct a cake without an oven or a cooker for my parents' anniversary today. But the thought of going home wasn't really appealing either. So, THEN I decided to go watch a film. Alone but not really alone coz there'll be people around me, you know? And while leafing through the newspapers to find a good Shor in the City or Stanley ka Dabba show, I saw that Vir Das's History of India stand-up comedy show was playing at St. Andrews in Bandra. I knew it'd be a major drain on my pocket but what the hell, I wanted to watch it and be on my own and not mope. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made! :)

Artists: Kavi Shastri and Vir Das 
Written by: Vir Das
Ashvin Gidwani's Productions
Rating: 5/5

Vir Das is simply hilarious. He has written a brilliant script incorporating various important events from the history of India with exactly the right kind of humour inserted at exactly the right moments. Ummm, well, at least humour inserted at exactly the right moments. :P About the right kind of humour, depends on how you see it. Vir Das just screws everyone up. He comments on anything and everything under the sun and more often than not, his comments are quite rude. They are true. And he plays on stereotypes, like most comedians do. But he doesn't spare a thought to being politically correct. So, if you are touchy or sensitive about anything, maybe it's not for you. But if you are willing to take everything in the right spirit, you're going to love this piece!

 The act is obviously proud of India and I'm sure Vir Das is too. Either that or he is a damn good writer and actor. It (The act, I mean) is proud of everything that India was, is and is capable of being. But even so, it is completely unapologetic about it's satirical punches and about hitting below the belt. I felt it was quite cathartic to sit there and recognize the problems but find them funny as well. Makes them seem a lot smaller than they are/ seem to be otherwise. :)

I would most definitely recommend everyone to watch this one! :D It's a great way to spend your time. Plus, it's always a bonus when they scrub themselves up well. ;) One advice though: Remain inconspicuous. Don't turn up late or munch anything loudly. Or move for that matter. :P

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