Saturday, May 7, 2011

Television-for-the-Intelligent Revolution

My mum watches a lot of TV. And I don't blame her. It would be perfectly normal and natural to switch off your mind and vegetate in front of the television after a tiring day. But the problem is that she watches a lot of shit on TV.

I mean, how regressive can these daily soaps get?!!! And how can my mother stand watching them is completely beyond me. And then, the problem arises when not only does she watch these soaps, she starts identifying with all the poor, weepy, look-at-me-I'm-sacrificing-so-much-for-everyone bhartiya nari types. I mean, really!!

There is this one soap called Balika Vadhu, which started off on a very promising note about the practice of child marriage and why it's bad. That was 2 years ago. Today, the child bride and groom have grown up and are some 20 year old people. The boy goes to the "Big city" for his further studies and falls in love with someone else. You know, normal again coz this is the age for fooling around, not fucking 8 years! But the useless TV show keeps focusing on how the boy went out to the big city and lost all his values and culture, stopped caring for his family and respecting them, doesn't know the value of his wife blah blah blah. Everyone seems to have forgotten that this marriage is fucking illegal!

My predicament: My mum watches this shit. Everytime she does so, she over-analyses every word that comes out of mouth and somehow twists it to mean that I don't care about my family anymore. I mean, all I have to say is that Saturday is the only relatively free day I get and so I want to go meet my friends and she is convinced that I have completely let go of my family, don't care for them anymore, lost all my values (When did I ever have the same values as them anyway?) and have no sense of responsibility towards them. And really, I completely blame it on all the bullshit that the TV feeds her brain. She is absolutely fine in the afternoons, chatting, joking and even feeling proud of me. Then, in the late evenings, after she finishes watching all her daily soaps, she is all mopey and depressed coz she sees herself in them. Gawd!

Indian television (Or even American or British television for that matter - watch Coronation Street, Desperate Housewives, Jerry Springer, Supernanny etc and you'll know why.) is so fucking retarded. We need a big "television for the intelligent" revolution.

*It's a coincidence that this post happened to fall on Mother's Day. I swear this is not a gift for my mum. Anyway, if I so much as mention Mother's Day to her, she will start again with how "westernized" I am and that she exists for me only one day of the year and more shit on those lines. Really, I wish my parents would tone down their flair for Bollywood-type drama.

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