Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Rants

Dear God,

I know that assholes with their perfect lives, perfect jobs, perfect babies, perfect Saturday night romances, perfect fucking everything were not enough. I know that them blabbering on with their "Life without marriage is so pointless" unsolicitated advice on my precious Saturday night is not enough. I know that living in a fake city with fake people with fake fucking everything is not enough. I know that hating my life as much as I already do is not fucking enough.

But did you have to pile on like this? You could at least have given me a day's notice or something. That IS the protocol, right? I thought I deserved at least the Sunday off.

Too fucking angry for words.


  1. :( I think this is the angriest post I have read, on your blog! what is wrong!! what did the jerks do?

  2. take the weekend off, come to bangalore.

  3. @ HG: Nothing concrete that can be shown or said. Just subtle nudges, looks and things that are not that obvious. So they can't be confronted. It just builds up within you and then, the day it all comes out, people think you are the irrational and jealous one. It's classic Bollywood/ Soap Opera here. Words like sacrifice, importance, my/ our sake, values etc run high and practising what you fucking preach runs low.

    @ SB: Working on it. Even had an almost job offer from B'lore which I couldn't take coz I have commitments here and coz I can't afford moving out yet. My life is going to the pits. As are the mood swings.

  4. Painful! Allright. why arent you applying for a phd outside cd? You know you could easily get funded here. you are an m.a something from London. all you need to do is give the gre and save up to apply..

  5. I am working on it. But have to at least pay off half of the loans I had taken from here for my MA. Will def be out of Bombay soon though. Thanks for the support! :)