Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend Getaway

I went to a beach called Titthal near Valsad (Gujrat) last weekend with some cousins and their friends and their friends' friends etc. (Yes, I do realise that this was the third time I've been to Gujrat in 2011 but at least, this time it wasn't with annoying relatives asking me when I'm planning to get married and all. *phew*) And it was quite a lot of fun. :) On Saturday, the weather went a bit crazy and there was so much sand everywhere - in our eyes, hair, noses, ears, mouths, food, bags, clothes etc - that we didn't dare to take our cameras out of their relative safety inside the bags. But I've never seen a more violent or a more beautiful sea than when I saw it that day. On Sunday though, everything had calmed down and we all played many games and had fun on the beach. :)
Early morning walk on the beach :)
Cloudy Sunday Morning
Garden in the premises of a Jain Temple

A tiny flower growing amongst the weeds - looks like a Chinese Rose to me.

Pomegranate flowers

Any idea what flower is this?
Yellow flowers, I guess? :P
Portrait photography skills, à la Star! ;)


  1. Its all Bootifool!! Cam?
    I too am ka-ray-zee abt the Sea!

  2. Thanku! :D I have a regular Olympus 12 MP, 5X Optical Zoom Digicam. :)

    I am totally crazy about the sea too! :D