Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday Morning Blues

*Rant Alert* Run for your life!

I hate people here, their façades, their I-have-the-upper-hand styles, their attitudes, their fake sympathies, their hidden glee at your misery, their thoughts, their morals, I hate everything about them. With a vengeance. They are Aaaaarrgghh!!!!

And I hate myself for letting them affect me.  These fucking hypocritical flaky condescending assholes.They have got nothing but their fake-ness running for them and that will eventually come to an end. So, why should I be bothered or harassed? But God help me, I am.

How the fuck do you have the uncanny ability to take something I said and twist it around to either make it sound like you came up with this brilliant shit just now on the spot or make it sound like you have never heard of anything crappier than that in your entire fucking rosy life? To look me up and down whenever I am wearing something pretty as if it's the worst outfit you have ever seen but then you *obviously* expected it from me? To explain the smallest of the things to me loudly in public as if I am a fucking retard? To advise me about my life as if I am totally and completely incapable of handling it by my own self? To make me look like an idiot in front of my boyfriend? To be have to be the fucking better one every fucking time? To be the bitter fucking medicine coated with fake sugar? Why the fuck can you not get out of my life? Why the fuck can't I kick you out of my life?

That's it. I hereby make a resolution today to not talk to any fucking one for at least the next two weeks. Do my job, sulk in my room, watch fucking TV and stupid films, sleep, read, eat, write. ALONE. Everything alone. No phone, socializing, no fucking thing. I don't want anybody. I don't need anybody. I just want to be left alone. Forever. Especially by some people I hate. Still with a vengeance.

Get out, get out, get the fuck out of my life! I hope I never have to see all these monsters ever in my life again when I come back from my two week isolation stint. 

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