Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Non-updates

I want to write more. Honestly I do. But I just don't know what. I have nothing interesting happening in my life. At all. Work, study, work, home, eat, sleep, work.

I teach, by the way. English and French. Interesting enough. Waaaaaaaaaay better than translation, let me tell you.

And I'm learning Sanskrit. That teacher is quite useless to be honest. But whatever. "The class" keeps me on my toes and I am steadily progressing, which is great. :)

Ummm, apart, I have become very strange. I laugh and smile and go through things but I don't feel anything. In fact I feel nothing at all. I have a massive niggling doubt that everything is going wrong in my life but I am not able to place it. And I can't even share any of these things with anyone. Not even with Sun and Moon. And that's not because they don't understand or I can't explain or anything. It's just coz I have suddenly become so closed, it's difficult to open up. In fact, my diary is the only place where I can put everything in words. And sometimes, not even that. It requires so much effort that I would much rather just carry on the I-am-fine-and-normal charade.

Oh, and my students didn't like FRIENDS!!! I mean like, wtf? Anyway, that's not even important. Important is that I have put up a beautiful FRIENDS poster on my wall and also all my family pictures, pictures from my time at Xavier's and pictures from England on my wall. My mother went a bit crazy but I know even she likes it finally. That's my happy place, this beautiful wall in my room :)

And I've bought lots and lots of pretty bangles! :D Bangles are my new fashion craze. I am always seen wearing bangles of different sizes, shapes, colours and makes. :D

Ok, that's it for now. Will write later. Maybe.

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