Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

Not possible ones:

1) One No-need-to-get-depressed-this-is-the-right-decision-in-life guide, please.
2) Sun
3) Atom
4) Tickets to Jaipur for the Lit Fest and somebody to convince my boss that one more week without me won't kill the office.

Possible ones:

1) The F-Word by Mita Kapoor
2) Chick Lit: The New Women's Fiction by Suzanne Ferriss and Mallory Young.
3) A CD of all the awesome Shania Twain songs
4) More dhotis and T-shirts in my wardrobe

So, I know exactly where my first pay-check is going. :P


  1. :) happy walla birthday in the offing?

  2. cant u ask dad, wid sad expectant doggy eyes, to let d lit fest b ur budday gift?

  3. isnt mita kapoor the agent? though i dont know what the f word from her can be except u know. :/

  4. June, :D I hope it's happy walla. I will know in 13 days. :D

    Pj, I can ask the father. But who will ask the boss? It's like belling the cat. :/

    HG, That's the one. And the F word is "Food". :P Wonder how you didn't think of that. :P

  5. Your blog is funny! I really hope you get to go to this Lit fest- Sex and the City is pretty amazing. Anyways, are you currently writing your own novel? Also, I just love Bombay- such an awesome city.

  6. go ahead and have a safe trip while I get everything ready for your birthday! :-D :-D It's going to be awesome!!! :-D :-D

  7. I thought girls knew how to take care of the boss !!

  8. @ Priya, thanks! :) Your blog is very interesting as well. :D Lit fest is pretty much out of the possible possibilities. :/ I agree about Sex and the City. I am jealous that you are in NYC. :P I am trying to write my own novel. Will probably take a few years to finish though if I keep working like this. And one or two if I don't. ;) I also agree about Mumbai. It's one of my most favourite cities in the world! :D

    @ Dishy: I know. ;) That's why I am *so* looking forward to it. Also, smoke after more than 10 days!!!!! Hope I survive the 10 days first though.

    @ survivingbrain: My boss is a 50 year old woman whose daughter also works in our firm, just a different branch. Can't handle her. :/